Q-U-I-N-N Spells Quinn!

05 March 2011

Quinn wrote his name on the chalkboard today!
We were having breakfast and he got up to go write on the chalkboard.  I asked him if he could write his name -- not sure why I asked him that.  I asked him to verbally spell it, which he did, than I asked him to write each letter.  He's had the Q down for quite some time but we have never seen him write another letter.  And then Voila!  there's a U.  The I was pretty easy.  And then 2 N's (kind of).  Wow!  He was pretty pleased with himself too, as he should be.
Then it was on to playtime.  Quinn loves climbing in things and here he is in a little storage bin, watching his video, and playing with Lightning McQueen.   He's a multi-tasker.  We have this great book called "This is NOT a Box".  As you might imagine, it's a book about all the way kids imagine a box -- space ship, racing car, boat, volcano, etc.  
He had just finished his breakfast which consisted of banana pancakes and hot chocolate.  Can you tell?

Just hanging out....

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