Tamaques Park

30 March 2011

I've started a new on-line photography class so it was time to take my favorite subject outside for a photography assignment.  We didn't go out until about 4 pm and it was a bit brighter than I expected.  I can't say that these photos are technically great but I still love them.  In the photography world it's called mommy goggles :)  

Even though I probably took 50 or so pictures, Quinn still had alot of fun doing his boy stuff involving rocks, stick, sand, mud, and water.  Tamaques is a great park with a .8 mile walking loop, a big kids playground, a little kids playground, ball fields, and picnic shelters all in a very natural setting.  We had our Holistic Halloween Party there last year.   

This is my favorite from the day.

After a fun afternoon of play for Quinn and Don's %#$@$#%  mandatory Tuesday 5 - 7 pm staff meeting, my two favorite guys were wiped out.

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