29 April 2011

Down the Shore

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27 April 2011

Water Scooter

Quinn and I had some fun on Monday scootering around the neighborhood and splashing in puddles.

Quinn has gotten really good and really fast with his scooter.  He no longer drags his foot down hills and likes to get some speed.  This is a super quick video of him going down a little hill on his scooter.

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26 April 2011

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

We are getting a nice taste of warm weather and Quinn and I are making the most of it.  We headed outside today to test his new bubble blower.   

The next 5 pictures crack me up.  Let's just say that Quinn might have worn out the battery on the bubble blower yesterday so the little fan wasn't strong enough to blow bubbles.  His expression goes from pretty happy to....

I replaced the battery and we were back in business.

Quinn likes to chase and pop the bubbles.  I think that green thing in the corner is a bubble.

We ran out the battery on the bubble blower and had to resort to human power ;-)

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25 April 2011

Easter in NYC

Since it was just going to be the three of us for Easter this year we decided to do something special and go in to NYC to see a show -- Madagascar the Musical.  Here we are getting ready to leave.  It turned out to be a very warm, sunny day.  Quinn took along his binoculars and a bubble blower from his easter basket.

Our first stop in NYC was lunch!  Don has been perfecting the homemade veggie burger and we wanted to check out NYC's finest.  At the top of the veggie burger list was a restaurant called Hillstone's which is part of the Houston's chain.  They claim to make their veggie burgers fresh every day.  It was huge and it was delicious.  Probably one of my favorite veggie burgers to date.   Don's extra long arms captured this family self portrait.    Quinn spent a good portion of our lunch counting and naming the vases you can see in the background.

After lunch it was a 10 block walk to Radio City with a couple of pit stops along the way.  We ran across this huge yellow teddy bear art installation that will be auctioned off in May.

Don's neck got a real workout yesterday with a 40 pound boy on his shoulders for most of the walking.

We came across this restaurant with mini jockeys lining the stairs and rails.  It's the 21 Club.

Then it was on to Radio City.

Don and I gave the show a big thumbs down but Quinn enjoyed it.  Of course everyone's favorite part was when they sang "I like to move it, move" which is the theme song for the movie.

Overall a very fun day for our little family on Easter.

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24 April 2011

The Easter Bunny was Here

The Easter Bunny visited our house a day early because we are going in to NYC on Easter day.  Quinn woke up and followed a trail of eggs to his easter basket.  

The Easter Bunny was a little bit naughty this year trailing in grass and blueberries, eating carrots, and knocking over chairs.   Quinn wasn't quite sure what to make of it...and he was still waking up.

The Easter Bunny even dropped an egg outside.

Quinn's basket was full of goodies including a bunny Pez dispenser.  Nothing like artificially colored sugar for breakfast, but Quinn declared it "delicious!".

He also got a little boy sized baseball glove and ball.  Papa was stoked about this gift :)

It was a very rainy day so we did our Easter egg hunt in the house.

Look what I got mom!  Can you help me open?  Look at those sleepy bags under his eyes.

Yum!  Jelly Belly's!

I'm not sure Quinn understood the whole thing, but I had fun :)  On Sunday morning we are going in to the city to try out the best rated veggie burger in NYC for our Easter lunch and then to Radio City Music Hall for "Madagascar the Musical".  It should be a fun and unusual Easter day.

Happy Easter!

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23 April 2011

Happy Earth Day!

I organized an Earth Day celebration for my holistic moms group on Friday at a local park.  The kids were on spring break so we had a great turnout despite the chilly weather.   In addition to having fun on the playground, we had a picnic and did some crafts.    (I also had an assignment for my photography class to convert images to black and white so here they are.)

I love this sweet little blue eyed blondie.  He's as sweet as he looks :)

I'm sure you recognize this cutie.  He and Quinn had a great time playing tag and chasing each other around the playground.

The end of the day.  We were there about 4 hours and were worn out.  But the kids took turns being pulled around in our wagon.

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22 April 2011

Go Fly a Kite

We recently got a kite to take with us to St. John and I thought I would give it a spin today.  We had a mild to moderate wind and a bright sunny day.  It's been a while since I've flown a kite -- maybe 40 years? -- and it wasn't quite like riding a bike.  I had to put the kite together and then know where to attach the string.  After many failed attempts I got it together and off we went.

It was alot more work than I anticipated but it was fun seeing the colorful kite fly high in the air with it's long tail.  

Then it was time to play on the playground.  

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