17 April 2011

Easter Art

I like to change our shelf display in the kitchen with every season and include Quinn's school artwork and projects.  Whenever I add something new, Quinn immediately notices and pulls off whatever it is to give it a closer inspection.  The non-breakable stuff goes on the bottom shelf and the breakables go up high.  Right now we have some hopping bunnies and chicks, wooden easter eggs, a stuffed bunny and a new piece of Quinn's artwork.  I was inspired by this blog post.  I love the way internet moms are so creative and sharing!

I mixed up a couple of different colors for Quinn and he went to work painting the sky on a piece of canvas.

Then some white fluffy clouds.

See that cloud on the right?  He calls that his 'pretzel cloud'.

So much fun!

And concentration.

We took a break and then worked on the green grass, transferred some flowers on to the painting, glued on white fluffy cotton balls, added popsicle sticks for legs, toy tires for eyes, I put on some finishing touches, and then we mod podged the whole thing.   Here's our creation.

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