30 May 2011

Pirate on Pirate Island

We arrived on this beach to find a Geocache and Q said we're on Pirate Island. He's even got the pirate shirt to match.
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25 May 2011

Haulover Bay

I snapped this pic of Haulover Bay while Don went on a difficult geocaching hunt. Today we had our favorite STJ babysitter Crystal so Don and I could go on some snorkeling adventures. We spied a large barracuda, a dozen or so rays, a couple of turtles, and some gorgeous coral. Above water we came across a pig and lots of goats and donkeys.
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A Happy Day in Paradise

We are thoroughly enjoying our time on STJ. Lots of swimming, snorkeling, digging, splashing, sun, rain, beer, rum, and relaxation.
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20 May 2011

This is how He Rolls

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Our Cutie

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18 May 2011

Ice Cream Between Two Cookies

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17 May 2011

Wet, Muddy Fun

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16 May 2011

The Great Swamp

We had a great visit with Mae and did lots of fun things.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us on the last couple of days so we had to rethink our plans.  On Saturday Don, Mae, and Quinn headed to The Great Swamp for some outdoors time and geocaching opportunities. Don snapped these pics for me :)

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We were lucky to spend a couple of hours with Don's brother Brad while he was in NYC.  During our short visit, Brad mentioned that he had started geocaching.  Don and I had both heard about it before but didn't know too much about it.  By the end of our visit with Brad, Don had downloaded the geocache app to his iphone and the madness has begun.  If you're not familiar with geocaching...

Yes, we're officially hooked.  A geocache can be a big box, a tupperware container, or a micro about the size of a film canister.  They always have a log to sign your name and date.  The larger ones have 'toys' where you are encouraged to take something with you and to leave something behind.  On our iphones we can update our logs to show where we've been.  Everywhere we go we need to look to see if there's a geocache.  And we've already checking out all the ones on St. John.

Here's Don's first find.  We were at Quinn's school waiting for his big performance.  Don checked and found a geocache nearby so off he went.  He made it back just in time.

Here's our first family find at a local park, Tamaques.  We had to walk through the woods and a stream to find it but we did!

Don, Barbara, and Quinn found 3 separate geocaches at The Great Swamp.

And then Don and I went on a geocache hunt after dinner on Friday night in Westfield.

While Don took care of business, I got this great shot of the Westfield Clio from the Koreans Vet War Memorial statue.

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14 May 2011

Hide and Seek

Quinn loves to hide.  Hide in linen closets, behind doors, under blankets, behind curtains, in laundry hampers, in closets, just about anywhere.  And once he finds a hiding spot, he might sit there quietly for 20 minutes until he's found.  The other day I got quite a scare when I went to get him out of bed and he was no where to be found.  After my initial moment of panic I found him hiding quietly under the covers.  Lots of giggles ensued.  

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At the Beach

We are enjoying a really nice weather week in NJ and Mae is here to soak it all in.  On Wednesday we didn't have any commitments so we decided to head to the Jersey Shore.  I chose Avon-by-the-Sea because I've heard that it isn't very commercialized and there are some breakers that prevent really rough seas.  

We left Westfield with warm, sunny weather and arrived in a very chilly and windy Avon.  We were able to find a spot that was protected by the wind.  Quinn didn't care, he just wanted to play with the new tractors Mae brought to the beach.  

A look down the coast.  Seagulls were the only brave souls to hit the beach besides us.

And then everything started turning our way.  The skies cleared up and the sun came out.  Then the tide started to rise and created a wading pool for Quinn.  We moved our stuff down near the water and enjoyed the rest of the sunny, warm afternoon.

Quinn was head to toe sand by the time we left, but we all had the best time.  Quinn has asked to go to the beach every day since.

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13 May 2011

Sundance Spring Performance

On Thursday Quinn's class had their Spring Performance at Sundance School.  They performed the story of Billy Goat Gruff and Quinn played the biggest billy goat of them all!  Here's a 20 minute video of the performance.  Quinn enters stage at about 8:30 if you want to jump to that point.

Here are some still shots from the performance.  Here he is as the biggest billy goat on the bridge with Lila.  Lila's mom says that she talks about Quinn all the time at home.

Quinn and Lila doing their dance.  Behind Quinn is the assistant teacher in his classroom, Miss Sonja.

Miss Bunny giving Quinn a helping hand.

After the 3 classes do their performance, they get together to sing a couple of songs.  I think Quinn's having fun.  He seemed to know most of the words and sing along.  And see that little girl with the red headband right next to Quinn?  We saw her at a park in Westfield on Monday and I thought she looked familiar.  She and Quinn saw each other at the park but never really acknowledged each other.  Then I saw her after the performance and realized she is in Quinn's class!

The parents were invited to sit on the rugs near the front of the stage.  This is the moment that Quinn saw me and realized that I was in the audience.

My heart is full with love and pride for my little man!!

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11 May 2011

Embrace the Haze

In my recent photography class, we had an assignment to shoot right in to the sun and to 'embrace the haze'.   Last night I went outside with Quinn and the light from the 'golden hour' was just beautiful in our backyard.  Quinn had a popsicle and was somewhat compliant so I asked him to sit in this chair while I ran inside to grab my camera.  A couple of things I was trying to get was a 'halo' around his hair and maybe a lens flare or two.  I definitely got the halo and the flare appears in the second image above my watermark.    You can also see some 'twinkly trees' in the second shot which is a bonus.  I think I would have gotten an A on this assignment.  

Quinn loves the mist setting on our hose.  He calls it either smoke or fog and he says "I can't see anything" (because it's so foggy :)  Did I mention that our water bill usually doubles in the summer?

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