14 May 2011

At the Beach

We are enjoying a really nice weather week in NJ and Mae is here to soak it all in.  On Wednesday we didn't have any commitments so we decided to head to the Jersey Shore.  I chose Avon-by-the-Sea because I've heard that it isn't very commercialized and there are some breakers that prevent really rough seas.  

We left Westfield with warm, sunny weather and arrived in a very chilly and windy Avon.  We were able to find a spot that was protected by the wind.  Quinn didn't care, he just wanted to play with the new tractors Mae brought to the beach.  

A look down the coast.  Seagulls were the only brave souls to hit the beach besides us.

And then everything started turning our way.  The skies cleared up and the sun came out.  Then the tide started to rise and created a wading pool for Quinn.  We moved our stuff down near the water and enjoyed the rest of the sunny, warm afternoon.

Quinn was head to toe sand by the time we left, but we all had the best time.  Quinn has asked to go to the beach every day since.

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