09 May 2011

Visit with Uncle Brad

We are very lucky to have Mae visiting for the week and had an extra special treat when we also got to see Brad.  Brad was in NY for the week training and had a brief break before he had to fly to his next training destination.  We picked him up at his hotel near La Guardia airport.  We had a couple of extra minutes to checkout the airplanes in the near by parking lot.  Notice the cute father-son shorts :)

We took Brad to breakfast and had some extra time so we hit a nearby playground.  It was a great chance to catch up with Brad while Quinn got to work off some energy.  And lots of opportunities for photos.

We don't get to see Brad very often so it was great to have an opportunity to spend even a couple of hours with him.  And a rare opportunity for Mae to celebrate Mother's Day with her 3 favorite guys together!

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