29 June 2011

Rehoboth Beach

Quinn and I just spent a wonderful 10+ days with my family.  We started with a beach week with mom, Pam, and Ben at Rehoboth Beach in Deleware.  We were lucky to find a great place to rent right on the beach and the boardwalk.  We were able to park our cars and walk everywhere.  We had easy access to all that Rehoboth has to offer and Ben had the freedom to get everyone in his wheelchair.  He thought Rehoboth was pretty awesome and I would have to agree.    Quinn loved the beach, the pool, and the carnival rides and games.   Here are some of my favorite images from the week. 

 (oyster shooters for Pam and I; 3 rounds to be exact)

After the beach, Quinn and I spent a couple of days with mom at her new house.  I love her new place and I think it's starting to grow on her too.  We did some shopping and picture hanging while I was there so it's starting to look alot like home.  Unfortunately Q had a funky stomach for the last couple of days. We had a bit of a pukefest on the way up the NJ Turnpike but I think that may have helped him.  Here he is getting cozy in a diner parking lot while I clean up his carseat and car the best I could.

It was a great week and I cherish the time I get to spend with my family.  Now we're ready to see Don and start our NJ summer!!

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19 June 2011


Saturday morning we went to a birthday party for one of Quinn's classmates, Julia.  The weather was great and it was a fun backyard party.  Quinn especially loved the trampoline and the kids loved running in to each other.

And big birthday hugs when we left.  There's something so adorable about little kids hugging.

Marlini watched Quinn Saturday night and Don and I walked in to Westfield for a night on the town.  It was a beautiful night so we took advantage of outdoor seating.  A nice date night after a fun family day.

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18 June 2011

Our St. John Vacation

Here is our St. John vacation in 77 pages and about 200 pictures.  I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

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17 June 2011

Little Entomologists

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16 June 2011


In the Attached Parenting world, they (we) like to use the term Potty Learning (PL'ing) instead of Potty Training.  And I totally get that.  We do our best to take a gentle parenting approach and try to never push Quinn in to something he's not ready for or doesn't want to do.  We have our great and not-so-great parenting moments but we do our best.  And honestly diapers are really easy and convenient.  But, I think the Little Man is ready for it and I would like him out of diapers before the new school year starts (although they would take him in diapers).   Summer is here and it's time to learn to use the potty.

Quinn has used the potty alot over the last year but never consistently. On Sunday we started with a pants free day with mixed success, but definitely some success.  On Monday I was folding laundry on our bed and Quinn went running by me.  I thought he was playing hide and seek but he was running to use the potty!!  Yay!!   When he's bare-bottomed he understands that he needs to use the potty and will do so himself.  This is a huge step forward.  Then last night we were in the kitchen after dinner and he went running for the potty again.  This time it was a #2!!  There were some droplings on the way to the potty but he mostly hit the target.  Wahoo!

It's been a tough week for all of us.  Quinn has been a little more emotional this week and will break in to tears more easily than normal.  He's also asked for a diaper a couple of times and calls his underwear "underwear diapers".  But he is so proud of himself when he hits the mark and I know it's just one of those transitional periods that we will look back on and laugh.  Having said that, no kid can go through this rite of passage without a photo like this.  In this day and age, our boy takes an ipad to the potty ;)

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15 June 2011

Silly Songs

Quinn loves to sing silly songs and make us laugh.

Just in case you didn't understand the words...

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you ate for breakfast

The wheels on the bus go round and round
round and round round and round
the wheels on the bus go round and round
all through the tree

Row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is a bowl of spagetti

Old MacDonald had a farm
and on his farm he had some pants

(cue laughter)
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14 June 2011

Back to the Beach

We've only been home from St. John for less than 2 weeks and Quinn has already been asking to go back to the beach.  I looked at the weather forecast and our plans for the week and decided that Monday was as good as any to have a beach day.  We left the house around 1 pm so that if Quinn wanted to nap it would still be early enough in the day.  He did nap and all was well.

A friend told me about Seven Presidents Beach Park in Long Branch and it turned out to be great.  There's a really nice playground right next the beach.  This little boy, Zach, wanted so badly to play with Quinn but Quinn really just likes to do his own thing.  As you can see Quinn is still rocking his red shoe, orange shoe look.  It's become a requirement for him.

After a good 30 minutes on the playground we headed for the beach.

First things first, his favorite bulldozer making roads.

There were some young teen boys boogie boarding and playing football in the ocean (brrrrr!!!).  Quinn kept trying to join in and wading a little too far (for my comfort) in to the ocean.  The waves were pretty big and strong and not quite like Maho Bay.

Watermelon Break.

There were quite a few people at the beach when we arrived but almost empty by 5 pm -- just the birds.  Quinn had a great time chasing birds, digging and rolling in the sand, splashing in the puddles, and wading in the ocean.

I convinced him to leave (and not stop at the playground) by offering up an ice cream cone.  This looks right up his alley and it's all natural homemade ice cream.

I asked him what kind he wanted and he said Chocolate!  I tried to convince him to go with a cookies & cream chocolate but he said "I want the black chocolate".  I think the Grams dark chocolate gene skipped a generation and landed firmly with Q.

I'm looking forward to alot more days like this over the next couple of months.

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12 June 2011

Birthday Fun

On Saturday we attended a birthday party for a cute little 4 year old girl, Annalie.  We walked in and Annalie very joyfully said "I'm Four!" and Quinn rebutted with a firm "I'm Three!".  The party was at a paint your own pottery place.  Quinn picked out a spaceship to paint.

They are really concentrating on their project.

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11 June 2011


While we were in St. John Quinn started complaining that his ear hurt and it was very sensitive to the touch.  This was on Memorial Day on STJ -- not a good time/place to find a doctor.  After a bunch of research and phone calls, I found an on-call doctor who gave us a phone consultation.  We agreed that we would go to his office the following morning and he reassured us that he would be available immediately if things took a turn for the worse (although he was currently on St. Thomas).  We made it through the day/night and saw his Nurse Practitioner at 8 am the following morning.  We were somewhat fortunate that the infection was not swimmer's ear so Quinn did not have to stay out of the water.  We are just now finishing up his treatment of antibiotics.  We are lucky that Quinn has been such a healthy little guy and this was his first ear infection.

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10 June 2011

Drive to Maho

I'm still trying to decide how to approach the 658 pictures that I took in STJ.  I may create a shuttefly-type photo book and plop them all in there.  While I figure that out, I'll share this video.  I loved our morning routine on STJ.  Lazy morning followed by packing up our beach bag, cooler, gear, etc.   Then it was off to the beach of the day.  You never knew what you would see on the drive and there was always the brilliant blue sea around every corner.  I wanted to record that drive so I could relive it whenever I needed a little STJ love.  I've edited this video way down but it's still about 8 minutes long.  Pour yourself a rum punch and enjoy.  ps...my videography and post processing skills need some work.

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Elton Quinn

He's still rocking those funky glasses!

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09 June 2011


Quinn has this new thing when he sees someone else that he has some similarity to, he will say "Is he like me?"  Maybe they have the same color shirt, shoes, a hat, anything.  I love that he sees the similarities in all of us, no matter the differences.  Yesterday I had my glasses on and he put on the crazy 2011 glasses and said "mama, are we the same?"  

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08 June 2011

Last Day of School

Remember this little guy on his first day of school?
It's hard to believe the school year is over and Tuesday was his last day of school.  And this is our boy 9 months older giving me the best fake smile he could muster and probably in need of a haircut.

We celebrated the last day of school with a journal party.  Miss Bunny and the other teachers take pictures and save artwork throughout the year and put together a journal for each child.  Amazing!

All the parents gathered around for the last day and the kids marched in the room in pairs.  They no longer need the 'train' to hold on to but each grab a buddy.  You can't see Quinn but he's holding hands with Tyler in the x-men tshirt.

They sat down on the rug so quietly.  I think they were wondering what all these people are doing in their room.  Quinn had not yet spotted me.


I was one of three class moms for Quinn's class and our kids painted a watering can for us.  It's funny because Quinn shares so little about his day with me.  I usually find out the snack and the letter of the week but that's about it.  One day he told me he painted me a watering can, which was supposed to be a big secret.  Shh!  Here's Quinn with my watering can and Miss Bunny.

Each child was called up to get their Journal and give the teachers a big hug!  Can you feel the love?

Each child's journal includes pictures and artwork from throughout the year and is 20+ pages long.  Pictures of Quinn's birthday celebration, his best buddy Niko, field day races, performances, etc.  Wow!!  If I get a chance I'll get some of them posted here.

Every party must include snacks!  The two women on the right side of the table are the other two class moms and have become good friends.

Missy Bunny said her teary good bye and made us all get choked up.  Then it was off to enjoy summer vacation!!
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