11 June 2011


While we were in St. John Quinn started complaining that his ear hurt and it was very sensitive to the touch.  This was on Memorial Day on STJ -- not a good time/place to find a doctor.  After a bunch of research and phone calls, I found an on-call doctor who gave us a phone consultation.  We agreed that we would go to his office the following morning and he reassured us that he would be available immediately if things took a turn for the worse (although he was currently on St. Thomas).  We made it through the day/night and saw his Nurse Practitioner at 8 am the following morning.  We were somewhat fortunate that the infection was not swimmer's ear so Quinn did not have to stay out of the water.  We are just now finishing up his treatment of antibiotics.  We are lucky that Quinn has been such a healthy little guy and this was his first ear infection.

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