by Amy, July 31, 2011

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Fun at the Pool

by Amy, July 30, 2011
Quinn and Sullivan are having so much fun together.  We took a rest day after our long day at the beach and enjoyed a day at the Westfield Pool.  We all had underwater cameras!


Ready, set...


Let me try that again.

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Point Pleasant

by Amy, July 29, 2011
We spent a great day at Point Pleasant Beach this week with Stacey and Sullivan.  It was a nice warm day and the kids had fun chasing the surf and digging in the sand.

After a couple of hours at the beach, we got cleaned off and headed up to the boardwalk for dinner and rides.

It was a fun day on the Jersey Shore and we left exhausted!  Sullivan earned a gold star by keeping Quinn awake the whole way home.

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Sullivan and Her Mama Have Arrived

by Amy, July 26, 2011
We have been counting down the days until Stacey and Sullivan arrive.  I've been looking forward to catching up with Stacey and Quinn has been so excited about seeing Sullivan.  He likes to call her his sister.  They got here in the afternoon and the kids had fun playing all afternoon and evening.  Quinn got Sullivan a butterfly book as an early birthday present and Sullivan loved it!  Although she didn't like his chocolate-y hands and sneezing all over the book.  The yucky stuff a 4 year old does to gross out a 10 year old.

We're looking forward to a fun filled week with Sullivan and her Mama :)

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Pancakes with Papa

by Amy, July 25, 2011
We were a little slow moving on Sunday morning after our big night out on Saturday.  Quinn was up bright and early and Don peeled himself off the couch to make pancakes with him.  It seems that Quinn is frequently without shorts so Don strategically placed the Bisquick.

Quinn's doing quality control.

Love that bed head.  Actually his hair looks like this most of the time.

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Captured by iPhone

by Amy, July 24, 2011

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Swim Lesson

by Amy, July 22, 2011
On Thursday Quinn finished up his 2 week swim lessons.  Every time we go to the pool he asks to go off the diving board but he's not allowed because he has to be able to jump in and swim to the side.  But on the last day of swim lessons they let all the kids take 3 jumps off the diving board.  Quinn was a happy camper!  Here's a short little video from his last day.

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Dirty Boy, Clean Boy

by Amy, July 21, 2011

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Potty Talk

by Amy, July 20, 2011
I think we can officially say we are done with diapers.

Both night and day.  No more diapers.  He hasn't had an accident since...I'm not sure when.    Granted he will drop his shorts wherever we are and find a spot of grass or a tree to pee on.  Now that he knows what to do, we will work on the when and where to do it ;-)  Yesterday he went in to the bathroom by himself and I realized he had been in there a while.  He was sitting on the toilet doing his #2 business as he would say "all by myself!".    He's even done with the small potty.  He prefers the "big potty" (toilet).

Although we dabbled in potty learning earlier, I'm happy we decided to wait until he was really ready.  It's been a fairly easy process for us all.  Same goes with breastfeeding.  I know many people (hi mom) thought he would still be nursing when I sent him off to college.  I thought weaning was going to be traumatic for all of us but turned out to be pretty easy.  We hope that we have the same easy transition when he's ready to move to his own bed.  

But for now, we relish in this accomplishment!

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Our Good Little Swimmer

by Amy, July 18, 2011
When Quinn was born we had a couple of requirements for him :)  One was that he had to love the water and swimming.  He has more than fulfilled that requirement.  He is tireless in the water and likes to push the boundaries.  Here's a compilation of videos from our day at the pool on Sunday.

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by Amy, July 18, 2011
On Saturday we went to a 4th birthday party for Quinn's little friend Fraser.  It was one of those great backyard birthday parties with lots of families, friends, and food..

At one point during the party I looked over to see Quinn with his pants around his ankles peeing on a tree in the backyard.  Taking care of business!!  We left with a worn out, dirty faced, sweaty and happy little boy.

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Hoboken! Who Knew?

by Amy, July 13, 2011
On Sunday we went on a NJ family adventure to Hoboken aka The Boke.  We knew it was on the Hudson River across from NYC but we didn't expect to enjoy it so much.  The piers and waterfront areas have had a major facelift recently and I had heard about a great kids area.  We were not disappointed.  

This walkway leads to the "playground". 

(Here's an image of the Pier C area that I found on google.)

A view of the city from the top of one of the play areas.

Great water and sand features designed with the kid in mind.

We can't go on an adventure without a little geocaching.  We found 2 on this trip.

Don demonstrating the swirly whirl.  Quinn just looked at this picture and said "Papa's so dizzy!".

A view down the river.

Who knew Hoboken was so nice?
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