06 July 2011

From the Mouth of Babes

This list could be a mile long but here are some of the funny things that Quinn says/does.  
  • Quinn almost always addresses us when he has something to say:  "Mama, I think I'm hungry", "Papa, I'm going to do it all by myself", "Mama, the pattern goes blue, green, lellow, lellow".
  • When Quinn wants you to do something with him, he will say "Mama, you and me are playing hide and seek".  He may even try a different approach by telling me (in front of Don), "Mama, me and papa are going to go upstairs and play basketball".  Last night Don got home from work late and Quinn said "Papa, you and me are going to go outside and play golf".  I said something to the effect that it was too late.  So Quinn came over to me and put his hand on my mouth and said shhhh.  Then went over to Don and "whispered" in his ear "Papa, you and me are going to go outside and play golf".  
  • If you don't understand something he said such as "Papa, you and me are going to go upstairs and play oweiruy". And ask him "Play what?".  He won't say the "oweiruy" word again he starts all over again "Papa, you and me are going to go upstairs and play oweiruy".  Cracks me up every time.
  • Quinn talks about igloos quite a bit and calls it an "egglayer".  Don't try to correct him because he knows the correct pronunciation is "egglayer".  
  • "Mama, a-b-c spells cat".  "No, you spell cat c-a-t".  "No mama, a-b-c spells cat".  
  • Our once adventurous eater now loves all things non-nutritious.  His favorite foods are PB&J, Mac & Cheese, Oodles of Noodles, and Rice.  He seems to really dislike my cooking these days if it's not one of those items.  Last night I made a rice and orzo dish with pesto and he said "Mama, I don't want the green rice, I want the grave rice".  Grave = gray and I'm assuming he's talking about white rice.  Although he still loves most fruit and a handful of veggies like cukes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, broccoli if he's in the right mood, mushrooms, and lettuce.  I know it's a phase and at some point he will be more willing to try more foods. 
  • Quinn is doing great without diapers with only a couple of accidents here and there.  He now enjoys standing up for #1 but is highly resistant to going #2.  His body language is a sure sign he needs to go but then he will say the magic words "Mama, my tummy hurts.  I think I need an apple".  #2 on the way!

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