Summer Wall

03 July 2011

I got an urge to change over our kitchen wall shelves to a summer theme.  I had seen a free download for a patriotic print that first inspired me.  Then I saw this at a super discount store.

So I resized the download to a 16" square and had it printed on poster paper at Costco.  I was really impressed by the quality for the price.  I think it was a 20x24 poster for $5.99.

You can see my trusty ModPodge.  I cut the poster in strips to the right size and affixed them to the painting with ModPodge.  I added some white paint splotches to make it not as brand new looking.  Then gave it a couple more coats of ModPodge.  I think it turned out pretty nice.  

I also took a favorite image of Quinn from beach week and affixed it to a 6x12 canvas.

I also printed and framed a picture of a starfish that I took in St. John. I have to say that I'm kinda digging our summer wall.

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Melanie said...

Love it Amy! I'm inspired to buy some of those shelves and change things up now and then too. Have a wonderful fourth with your family. I so enjoy your blog and your photography is fantastic!

~melanie norris

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