24 August 2011

Down at the Farm

On Tuesday Quinn and I met some of my holistic mom friends at Terhune Orchards for a kids story time and pear picking.  Terhune Orchards is south of us near Princeton and about an hours drive away.  We've been there a handful of times, including  August 2009 and July 2009.

We started with a short story time and then went off to the orchards to pick some pears.  Each kiddo was given a bag and got to pick one asian pear and 5 regular pears.   The trees and the ground were full of pears.

After pear picking, we went off to feed the goats and climb on the tractors.  Terhune has so many activities for the kids that we were there for 3 - 4 hours just having fun.  And the weather couldn't have been nicer.   Quinn and his pal Fraser had lots of fun together.  

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