22 August 2011

Quinn and I had a great day today.  We started off with a trip to Trader Joe's where Quinn got some fun stickers from the cashier.   From there we went to Mindawoskin Park where we ran in to Alison, Fraser, and Jasmine.  It was such a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze.  After a couple of hours of fun with Fraser, we headed home to get ready for a playdate.  A couple of girl friends from Sundance came over to play.  It was so much fun to see them playing together.  The three kids played quietly in the upstairs playroom while the ladies and I got caught up on all our summer happenings.   Then it was dinner and time to make some rollerskates.  Quinn made these himself.

Before falling asleep, Quinn and I talked about our wonderful day and how we needed a really good night's sleep so that we can make the most of our day tomorrow.  We are squeezing all the little juicy bits out of summer before it's gone.

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