18 September 2011

Brooklyn Bridge

After many wrong turns we finally made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.  The bridge spans the East River and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn.   There is an elevated boardwalk-like path for pedestrians and bikers.   A little bit crowded but a nice walk.

A view of the Manhattan Bridge.

Who needs to go to Disney when we can see Mickey Mouse on the Brooklyn Bridge.  Quinn just reminded me that Papa put a ticket in Mickey's purse after the picture.  The ticket was cash as Mickey was working for tips.

Heading back to Manhattan.

My two little mimes.

Then it was off to Moo Shoes to get some non-leather belts for Don.  Moo Shoes sells all sorts of vegan shoes, belts, and purses.  

To wrap up our vegan adventure, we headed to Red Bamboo for a Vegan dinner.  Red Bamboo offers a variety of healthy and not-so-healthy but yummy vegan treats.  They have alot of fake meats and are not afraid to deep fry.  Something you don't find in alot of vegan restaurants.  It was a filling and satisfying meal.

Time to head home and Quinn fell asleep in the car around 7:30 pm.  That would be known as the kiss of death.  Do we let him sleep and hope he sleeps until 5 am or do we wake him up knowing that he will be up until 2 am.  Don was able to get him in to bed without waking up.  It's now 3:20 am and Quinn and I have been up for a couple of hours.  I'm planning on a 8:00 am nap with my boy.

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