09 September 2011

Orientation Day

Today was orientation day for Quinn's preschool and he got to see his new classrooms and meet his new teacher, Miss Bess.  We are happy to have a couple of the same kids from last year, including Julia below. I have another friend whose daughter will be in Quinn's class too.   School starts Monday, September 12 and he'll attend 3 mornings a week.

(do you see the twin boys in the background?  Brayden and Brandon, I think.) 

Miss Bess, the main teacher, and Miss Laura, the assistant teacher, get rave reviews so we're excited about this year.

Quinn had such a good time today that he asked to go back tomorrow. Wow, what a difference a year makes!  I was talking to one of the other moms and we both agreed that Sundance totally rocks!!

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