Park Day

03 September 2011

On Friday we had another marathon play day, but this time at Trailside Nature Center.  They have a great outdoor playground and it was packed with kids of all ages.  Quinn has started to enjoy playing with other kids much more and is always excited to see a playground packed with kids.  And of course he can't pass a water fountain without trying it out.

He made a friend with another little boy in a yellow shirt, Sky.  They were working on their spelling and making words.  Quinn is great at sounding out each letter but he can't quite put them together yet to sound out the word.  He's on the brink.

There was a big pack of boys roaming the playground and Quinn desparately wanted to play with them.  They were mostly 7 - 8 year olds but they let Quinn join in on the fun.   They were playing some sort of game that involved Yoshi and a bunch of other magical stuff.  Quinn didn't have any idea what they were talking about but was happy to be included (although it doesn't quite look like it in this picture).

It's fun to see Quinn playing with other kids which will hopefully help him enjoy school that much more this year.

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