24 October 2011


Every year for Halloween Sundance School does a costume parade with a special theme.  This years theme was Outer Space.  After much deliberation, our family of three decided on a robot costume for both Sundance and Halloween.  We started with an inspiration picture we found on the internet and took off from there.    The creative team of Don & Amy were pretty pleased with our final product. Quinnbot was just about over the moon and would have gone to bed in the costume if we had let him.

Here's Quinnbot trying on the costume yesterday before papa shortened the arms.  

Here's a close up of the front.  The base is a rubbermaid container painted with a hammered silver spray paint.  The arms are dryer vents that Don really cleverly attached to the box so that Quinnbot could still move his arms around.  We added battery operated lights, pictures and signs printed off the internet and  little reflectors.  

The back is so cute.  Quinnbot really like the "Danger Robot" warning.   We held the whole thing together with some adhesive velcro straps covered with duct tape.

Quinnbot is pretty happy with what he sees.

Here are some scenes from the Costume Parade today.   It was great to see Quinnbot so excited about his costume and the parade.  This is his first year of even remotely liking a costume.

Here comes Miss Bess' yellow group.  Miss Bess is on the left and school founder, Miss Terry, is on the right.  You can see Quinnbot 2nd in line.

He is so happy!  The hat is a spray painted oxyclean bucket with two reflectors and a spring out the top.   He even got some new tennis shoes that light up.

The class (and parents) paraded around the whole school.

Time to line up for the papa and mamarazzi!

All the other classes were in different places around the school to watch the parade.  They were all cheering and clapping the kids in costume.  I heard lots of kids talking about the robot :)

Then it was up on stage in the auditorium.

Don and I put alot of time and effort in to the costume but it was a well worth it to see Quinnbot so excited!   We love you little robot!

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