18 November 2011

The Buddy Picnic

When I pick Quinn up from school, there is always lots of stuff in his cubby.   Sometimes it's fun stuff like the dream catcher he made at school today.  Other times it's business related non-fun stuff.  I was really excited when I saw this in his cubby a week or so ago.

We let Quinn pick out any stuffed animal he wanted and he chose the buddy.  This stuffed animal was given to Don and I by mom after Apollo died in 2003 (?).  Don and I used to have so much fun with this buddy hiding him in each other's suit cases and other funny places to surprise each other.  Quinn has also taken a liking to him and was very excited to take him to school for a picnic.  He even wore a special tie shirt for the picnic  :)

It was sprinkling just a tiny bit the day of the picnic and Quinn asked me to use the umbrella, which we didn't have in the car.  Instead he zipped the buddy up in his jacket to stay dry and warm.  This camera-toting mama was sorry I didn't capture that image but it was very sweet.  Quinn and the buddy had a great time at school and enjoyed a great big cracker for their picnic.

Today when I picked up Quinn from school I found this in his cubby.

Just one more reason to love Sundance.

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