23 November 2011

Ground Zero Day

We took Corky and Meg in to the city on Monday to visit the Ground Zero site.  You need to reserve the tickets ahead of time but they are free.   We took a train in that runs directly from Newark Penn Station to the World Trade Center.   It's a bargain at $4.00 round trip and the ride is only 20 minutes.  I think we just discovered a new way to get in to the city.

Don took the day off, but there was too much going on at work to not check his blackberry frequently.  He also had a conference call with his boss later in the day.  Poor guy.  

The motion and gentle sounds of the train put one little guy right to sleep.

This is the World Trade Center (WTC) train station.  Lots of construction going on and lots of construction workers around.

The light and very reflective buildings were wreaking havoc on my photography so some of the photos may look a little funky, like this one below.   You can see the Freedom Tower (or WTC 1) on the left.

This is the South Memorial Pool with the yet unopened Museum in the background.  The names of all those lost in 9/11 are etched in bronze around 2 separate pools.  

The 2,983 names of the victims of the 9/11 and 1993 attacks are inscribed in bronze parapets surrounding the twin Memorial pools. The arrangement of names is based on a system of “meaningful adjacencies” that reflect where the victims were on 9/11 and relationships they shared with others who were lost that day. Broadly, names are placed within nine primary groups and within those groups, names are arranged by affiliation, so that the employees of a company or passengers of a flight are together. The arrangement also honors more than 1,200 requests made by victims’ next-of-kin and surviving colleagues for specific names to be next to one another .  

You can see the special attention that was given to this tree.  

All but one of the Memorial trees are swamp white oaks.  The one that is not is a Callery pear tree, known as the Survivor Tree because it once stood on the original WTC plaza. After 9/11, it was nursed back to health and now thrives again at the site.

A family self portrait taken in the reflection of the museum.

A reflection of the Freedom Tower in the museum.

After all the heavy stuff of Ground Zero, we walked to the other side of the island to Southstreet Seaport.  It's a busting pier with restaurants, shops, water taxis, tall ships, etc.   We had lunch outside overlooking the water on a beautiful day.

It was great to check out some new sites in NYC and experience the city without having to drive in.  A great day all around!

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