10 November 2011

My Visit to Sundance

It seems like Quinn just started the new school year but it's already time to start thinking about the next school year.  Sundance invites parents to visit their kids current classroom and also see what is in store for them next year.  I signed up just so I could get a peak at Quinn in his school environment with his classmates.

I visited him in the "readiness room" where they work on basic skills like letters/words and numbers.  This week's letter of the week is L.  When I walked in they all had an L written on their left hands and they each had a lemon.   They were having so much fun with their lemons while they were learning placement terms like "let's put the lemon on top of our heads, behind our backs, under our chin".   Then the group broke and each child could choose their own activity.  Quinn made the letter B with play dough and then moved on to sorting acorns with tongs.

If you're familiar with Montessori, you can see some Montessori touches in the classroom.  Each child pulls out to mat to work on and they can choose an activity off the shelf or go to one of the tables with a teacher.

Quinn finished his activity, rolled up his mat, and put it away.  Hmmm, now why won't he do that with his toys at home?

As I was leaving there was a big car carrier outside and the kids were under the tree with wide eyes.  The art/science teacher, Mrs. A., was giving them a lesson in something (not sure what).  But they all had fun watching Mrs. A's car being driven on to the back of the truck.  Quinn thought it was pretty great and talked about it quite a bit on the way home.  

After the truck, they headed to the playground to blow great big bubbles.

Another fun and fascinating day at Sundance!

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