02 November 2011

This Week

This week Quinn continued to use his newly mastered skills and unbuckled himself from his carseat.  We were parked at the time and waiting for friends to meet us at the park on Tuesday.

Quinn's buddies Lucas and Kaiden arrived and we had a fun, long afternoon in the park.

On the way home from school on Wednesday Quinn kept telling me to catch up to this truck.  He wanted to grab a Dibs for both of us.

On Thursday we planned to drive to Maryland first thing in the morning and I got the car packed and ready to go by 9 am.  And then Quinn woke up with a very raspy voice and told me that he didn't feel well.  Quinn NEVER says that he doesn't feel well.   We had recently been with Sullivan who was at home with strep throat so I decided to take Q to Dr. Lois just to make sure it wasn't strep.  Dr. Lois thought it was the virus she was seeing so much of so we hit the road to spread our germs in Maryland.

Friday was a beautiful day so we took in a new nearby nature center. It is gorgeous, inside and out.

Lots of stuff for kids to touch and great information for adults.

The centerpiece is this sculptural tree with handpainted banners.

There's a "Discovery Room" for the kids with lots of nature oriented stuff for them to do.  Quinn and Grams put on a nice little puppet show for me.

On Saturday morning Don took the train down.  We picked up Ben on the way back to Grams house so they could have a little uncle-nephew quality time.  Then it was off to lunch where we had some fun with a new iphone photobooth app.  For some reason the tongue is a requirement.

We left Quinn overnight in the capable hands of Grams and Pam and headed out in the snowy weather to Frederick.

It was great to see Nick & Suzie and celebrate Nick's 50th birthday with him.   This is Nick with 15 year old Emily.  Nick and Suzie are parents of a 15, 14, and 13 year old.  Makes my 4 year old seem eazy-breezy.  But they are great kids and it was fun hanging out with them on Saturday night.

We spent the night in Frederick before getting Quinn and heading home.  Unforunately our back yard didn't fare to well in the storm and we had alot of big branches down.  We were pretty lucky in that nothing major was damaged.  

And that's a wrap of our wonderful week.

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