23 January 2012

Loving Life

We had a rough start to our vacation with a couple of inches of snow in NJ. Our 9:30 am departure turned in to a 3:00 pm departure that included 3+ hours sitting on the runway and going thru 4 de-icings. But we made it.

I wish I could say things improved upon arrival but we continued with our bad luck. Our car seat cover got caught in the conveyor belt and it took a team of industrious Ticos to free it. We were happy to see our driver who whisked us away to Jaco (a 90 minute drive from the airport). We were about 5 minutes from our hotel when we encountered a closed bridge due to a drunk gringo driving his rental off the road. Our driver helped us haul our luggage to the hotel where we were excited to get our room with pre-arranged groceries including cold beer and sandwiches. Unfortunately they forgot to place the order and we arrived to an empty fridge. My hero Don hailed a taxi and got us enough food and drink to get us through to the next day.

Everything looked up from that point on. A beautiful beach, warm water, pool, sun, and absolutely nothing to bitch about.

A view from the pool to our room.

Quinn is having so much fun in the water and sand. He is absolutely fearless with the waves. After he gets knocked down by one he gets up with a smile ready to conquer the next one. Don rented a surf board and boogie board today. Quinn had a blast even though he took a bit of a beating from the ocean.

Don had great success on the surfboard catching a wave on his first attempt. He's 30 pounds lighter and much fitter than his previous surf outings in California. He had alot of fun out there!

Q even caught a wave.

My two favorite guys hanging 20.

We were looking forward to some much needed R&R and Jaco has well exceeded our expectations. It's going to be a great week. It gets even better tomorrow when Brad and his girls join in on the fun.

Hasta la vista!

{{Posted on the road somewhere fabulous}}

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