03 January 2012

Project Life 2011: Completed

I'm so happy I stumbled across Project Life in December last year.  For me, it's a simple way of documenting every day life and it can be as fancy or as simple as you want it to be.  I have over 20,000 pictures but before Project Life I rarely printed out any photos.  Now I print out at least one photo a day.  It's been so fulfilling for me to photograph, print, and document our family.  I know that boys aren't very sentimental and Quinn may never really be interested in these books, but I enjoy doing it and working on my photography skills.   I hope to continue to improve my photography skills but also put an emphasis on my storytelling.  Sometimes I'm just a little too factual without conveying the feeling and emotions of the day.

Here's a look at the binders for 2011.

And the title page for 2011.  I'm so lucky to have found a network of women on the web that are willing to share digital designs and templates so I can personalize my storytelling.

This book is a great place to store not only pictures but all the other stuff that comes up in daily life, especially with a 4 year old.  And would I ever remember the January 21, 2011 where I wrote "It snowed again today.  Quinn called the oven repair man Mister Grandpa.  Quinn had strawberries in the morning and smelled sweet all day."   When I'm old and gray I will probably love looking through these books and reading  the stories.

Sometimes I do a picture and story a day but I love that it allows me to go with the flow.   Here I took two pages where I would normally document the full week and I just included pictures from Quinn's birthday party.

So here I am again, getting ready to start another Project Life.  And how fitting that there's a new version out called Clementine.  Orange!!

2012 Title Page.

All my supplies ready to go.

Thank you Project Life!!

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