29 February 2012

Science at Sundance

On Monday Quinn and I walked in to Sundance to find all of this in the auditorium.  While the little kids had a winter break last week, the big kids and teachers were busy putting together a Science Happenings.   The auditorium is full of hands on stations where the kids can do science experiments.  Quinn and his class visited today but I wasn't able to get any details from the kid.  Sundance continues to impress and amaze us.

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28 February 2012

The Forecast was 60 Degrees

We were expecting another unseasonably warm day in NJ and decided to head to the beach with some friends.  It was sunny and warmish without a single breeze in Westfield.  Once we arrived at the shore, it was about 45 degrees and very windy.  Our fun afternoon of playing in the sand was cut short.

We found a sandy spot sheltered by a building so the boys could have some fun.  After an hour and some frozen fingers we decided to head home.   A little too windy.

We are looking forward to a warmer down down at the shore.

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26 February 2012

Today's Adventures

We had a bit of an adventurous day today.   We started with lunch at a Korean restaurant.  It was good but a little too authentic for our taste.  Then it was off for ice skating!  There is a local park that has an outdoor skating rink.

Quinn loved the idea of ice skating and walked on them really well.  Once he got on  the ice that was a different story.   And I thought I was a much better ice skater than I currently am so I was of little help.  Not a good idea to take your good camera out on the ice rink if you're not too steading your skates.  At least I got some pictures as I was standing on the side holding on for dear life.

Quinn and Don got off to a good start.

But not for long.

This is a good example of our outing:

They were both pooped after once around the rink.

One more time around.  Looks good.  But reference picture above to see how it really went.

Don got his groove on with a solo skate.

I don't think we will be ice skating again any time soon.

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19 February 2012

Winter Break

On Friday we had our parent/teacher conference with Quinn's teacher at Sundance.  I always try to grab the earliest appointment so that Don can attend and go in late to work.  Quinn really enjoys school this year and loves all his friends in his class and his teacher.   Part of the comments from his teacher are "He is such a happy, fun, full of life little boy.  His gentle nature helps him to get along with everyone.  Quinn can be both serious and silly.  I have so enjoyed watching him become more comfortable and confident."     What more could we expect in his preschool years.  We already knew he was a smart little boy and it's nice to see him so comfortably participating in school.

Friday was also the start of his winter break.  That means a full week of sleeping in and nowhere to go at 8 am in the morning.  I've already lined up a handful of activities with his little friends but we look forward to our days at home.

Today's activity was putting together a birdhouse using a hammer and nails.   Once the paint dries we'll put it outside to see if any birds want to make it their home.

I am looking forward to more days just like this one.

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16 February 2012

Happy Valentine

Quinn had a couple of days full of Happy Valentine's.  He had a party at school on Monday.  All the kids took in little cards for each other.  It's fun to see all the cards he brings home.

On Tuesday we went to a Valentine's playdate at the house of one of his favorite girls, Giana.  All the kids had lots of fun and especially loved the dance party in the basement with foam glow sticks.

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13 February 2012

Sunday Family Swim

Quinn really loved the family swim at the gym on Sunday.

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12 February 2012

Boys Bowling

On Friday my friend Danielle left her younger son at home and we took Quinn and Lucas to a local bowling alley for an afternoon of fun.  It was just us and a group of old timers.  The boys had so much fun throwing their big orange bowling balls down the alley.  They were helped out by the gutter bumpers.

Quinn did really well as you can see.

This was a really fun activity for a cold winter day and we already have plans for a weekend family bowling outing.

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11 February 2012

Pickle Juice

Did you know that Pink Panther likes to drink pickle juice?  He does.  So now Quinn likes to drink pickle juice too.

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Guitar Man

Wednesday was a school morning and I knew I could get Quinn going by asking him if he wanted to go downstairs to see Grams.  We worked our way through our morning pattern really quickly:  potty, brush teeth, get dressed, go downstairs.  

Grams was leaving that morning and Quinn wanted to play his "fire" guitar for her before she left.   So Grams got an early morning electric serenade with her coffee.

That afternoon Quinn went to his "Rock Star" class which he really loves.  His teacher Mr. Michael teaches school during the day and then does this class.  He's a very silly goofball and makes the kids laugh all through the class.  But they have so much fun listening to his stories, banging on drums, singing, and dancing.

My perspective on this iphone picture isn't great.  You can see Quinn on his belly with the green shirt.

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07 February 2012

Red Jacket

We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm(ish) weather in February with lots of sun.  Temps have been around 50 degrees and we have been getting outside to take advantage.  

We took the soccer ball to the playground today for some fun.

I'm not sure why, but I kind of love this picture of Mr. Straightface.

He's learning how to pose for me.  This pose was all his own doing but I super like it.

Quinn got up in the bleachers so that he could watch mama and grams play soccer.  That was quite a sight!

I think he is giving us a sign of disproval!!

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04 February 2012

Match it Up

Quinn and Don played a lively game of Dr. Seuss Matching Cards after dinner on Thursday night.  Even Grams got in on the action.

(Quinn continues to wear his wristband from our trip to Costa Rica to make sure that he can get to the beach and the pool.  You may also notice the large bandage on his arm.  He had a freak accident while playing Hot Wheels.  He slipped on the hardwood floors and cut his arm on some Hot Wheels tracks.)

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03 February 2012

Video from Costa Rica

I know you are having problems watching the video I made from Costa Rica.  After a bit of research, I discovered that the music soundtrack I used for the video ("Walking on Sunshine") is not approved content for YouTube based on copyright laws.  Lovely.   I;'ll know better next time.

So here's the video without the music and just sing along to yourself.  I've also updated the link in the original blog post.  Enjoy!

And here's the YouTube link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uxF0d8p0WM

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02 February 2012

Costa Rica

We had a great week in Costa Rica.  Made even better by spending a couple of days with Brad at the end of the week.  Although there is quite alot to do in Costa Rica, we spent our days at the pool, beach, or in the little town.  The pattern goes:  beach, pool, chill in room, taxi to town, dinner, pool, chill in room, bed.  Our days were pretty predictable and pretty relaxing.  

We stayed in a condo on the south end of Jaco Beach.  The south end was more quiet and also had the best beach and best surfing.  The beach itself was long and wide with a very soft brown sand that almost looked muddy.  The ocean water was bathwater warm with a very sandy bottom.  We were all swimming in the ocean every day.  Quinn loved "fighting" the waves and if he got knocked down he would get up with a smile ready for the next one.  Quinn had a great time on the boogie board too.   He took to the water like a fish and improved his swimming skills over the week.

Don surfed every day and Brad joined him when he arrived.  The best surfing time was 1 - 2 hours before high tide which fell between 4 - 6 pm.  On the last day the guys got up at 5:30 am to catch the early morning high tide.   Both Don and Brad did really well surfing and were carving it up!

I put together a little video with pictures and videos from our trip.  This is my first attempt at an iMovie so please forgive it's rookie appearance.  Here's a direct link to the video where I think you can watch it in a larger size.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uxF0d8p0WM

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