02 February 2012

Costa Rica

We had a great week in Costa Rica.  Made even better by spending a couple of days with Brad at the end of the week.  Although there is quite alot to do in Costa Rica, we spent our days at the pool, beach, or in the little town.  The pattern goes:  beach, pool, chill in room, taxi to town, dinner, pool, chill in room, bed.  Our days were pretty predictable and pretty relaxing.  

We stayed in a condo on the south end of Jaco Beach.  The south end was more quiet and also had the best beach and best surfing.  The beach itself was long and wide with a very soft brown sand that almost looked muddy.  The ocean water was bathwater warm with a very sandy bottom.  We were all swimming in the ocean every day.  Quinn loved "fighting" the waves and if he got knocked down he would get up with a smile ready for the next one.  Quinn had a great time on the boogie board too.   He took to the water like a fish and improved his swimming skills over the week.

Don surfed every day and Brad joined him when he arrived.  The best surfing time was 1 - 2 hours before high tide which fell between 4 - 6 pm.  On the last day the guys got up at 5:30 am to catch the early morning high tide.   Both Don and Brad did really well surfing and were carving it up!

I put together a little video with pictures and videos from our trip.  This is my first attempt at an iMovie so please forgive it's rookie appearance.  Here's a direct link to the video where I think you can watch it in a larger size.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uxF0d8p0WM

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