11 February 2012

Guitar Man

Wednesday was a school morning and I knew I could get Quinn going by asking him if he wanted to go downstairs to see Grams.  We worked our way through our morning pattern really quickly:  potty, brush teeth, get dressed, go downstairs.  

Grams was leaving that morning and Quinn wanted to play his "fire" guitar for her before she left.   So Grams got an early morning electric serenade with her coffee.

That afternoon Quinn went to his "Rock Star" class which he really loves.  His teacher Mr. Michael teaches school during the day and then does this class.  He's a very silly goofball and makes the kids laugh all through the class.  But they have so much fun listening to his stories, banging on drums, singing, and dancing.

My perspective on this iphone picture isn't great.  You can see Quinn on his belly with the green shirt.

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