26 February 2012

Today's Adventures

We had a bit of an adventurous day today.   We started with lunch at a Korean restaurant.  It was good but a little too authentic for our taste.  Then it was off for ice skating!  There is a local park that has an outdoor skating rink.

Quinn loved the idea of ice skating and walked on them really well.  Once he got on  the ice that was a different story.   And I thought I was a much better ice skater than I currently am so I was of little help.  Not a good idea to take your good camera out on the ice rink if you're not too steading your skates.  At least I got some pictures as I was standing on the side holding on for dear life.

Quinn and Don got off to a good start.

But not for long.

This is a good example of our outing:

They were both pooped after once around the rink.

One more time around.  Looks good.  But reference picture above to see how it really went.

Don got his groove on with a solo skate.

I don't think we will be ice skating again any time soon.

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