19 February 2012

Winter Break

On Friday we had our parent/teacher conference with Quinn's teacher at Sundance.  I always try to grab the earliest appointment so that Don can attend and go in late to work.  Quinn really enjoys school this year and loves all his friends in his class and his teacher.   Part of the comments from his teacher are "He is such a happy, fun, full of life little boy.  His gentle nature helps him to get along with everyone.  Quinn can be both serious and silly.  I have so enjoyed watching him become more comfortable and confident."     What more could we expect in his preschool years.  We already knew he was a smart little boy and it's nice to see him so comfortably participating in school.

Friday was also the start of his winter break.  That means a full week of sleeping in and nowhere to go at 8 am in the morning.  I've already lined up a handful of activities with his little friends but we look forward to our days at home.

Today's activity was putting together a birdhouse using a hammer and nails.   Once the paint dries we'll put it outside to see if any birds want to make it their home.

I am looking forward to more days just like this one.

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