26 March 2012

Treasure Hunt

On Sunday we went on a family treasure hunt looking for Geocache.  We decided to go to Hacklebarney State Park which was a bit of a drive but well worth it.   Don scoped it out before we left and it was full of geocache treasures.

It's a great park because you feel like you're deep in the woods but the trails are mostly paved.

Don and Quinn off to find the first treasure.

Quinn's imagination these days just runs wild.  All sorts of made up characters, stories, etc.  This stick is his Robo Protector.  I was asked to pet it a couple of times!

A drink of water for the mighty Robo Protector.

I was disappointed that there weren't any flowering plants but these were pretty cool.


The park was full of lots of hidden surprises like this bench.

Can you see that Quinn's mouth is wide open?  He has this need to constantly be making noises.  It's quite lovely.

Someone's feet got tired and Don got a good workout.

Checking out the treasure.

This was a good one.  I thought Don was pretty brave to go crawling in there.

It was another great White family adventure and we added 3 geocaches to our tally.

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21 March 2012

Quinn's Day

A typical day at the White household:

First thing, we wrap some sort of twine, yarn, rope, string around chairs, drawers etc.  In this case he was racing in and out of the banners.

Squirt guns on the counter.  Not sure I like where this is going.  Fortunately Marleny arrived minutes later.  Sorry Marly!

Captain Underpants!   Believe me when I tell you that the blue ball and stacked green tables factored in to the equation.

This is Quinn's new house.  Make sure you knock on the door before entering.

He loves to collect stuff in buckets.  In this case collecting letters off the fridge and building words (or not).

Finding a mirror and then taking silly pictures.

Strapping a rocket to his back so he can fly in to outer space.  

Let's end the evening with a bang!   No explanation necessary.   Oh, except I didn't get a picture of his colorful arms, belly, back, and legs.

Just another fine day with Mighty Quinn.

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18 March 2012

No Apple in the Sink

Quinn and his funny quirky ways.  He perched his video on the kitchen drawer and was watching it before he got distracted and pulled his stool over to the sink.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I like where this is headed.  A sponge in one hand at the kitchen sink and reaching for his video.

OK, the tongue is out.  He's getting serious.

One last shot before I put down my camera and redirect the little man.  We already had one video drop in the bathtub, we don't need another in the kitchen sink.  Nice try!!

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16 March 2012

On Sunday Quinn had a birthday party for a school friend and I wanted to go to a local art show so Quinn and Don had a little guy time together.   My sweet husband took the boy and a camera to the birthday party at My Gym.

Fun in the ball pit!

When Quinn and I used to go to My Gym before he started school, he never wanted to sit in the big red circle or do any of the guided activities.  I would arrive at class 15 minutes late just to skip that part.  But Don said Quinn was really great at following instructions which is evident from these shots.

The boy can climb!


I love love this picture.  Don was very creative.

A friend at the party sent me this picture of Don chilling.

We all got home around 3 pm and decided to get some fresh air, go on a geocache hunt, and hit the playground.

A self portrait of me and the boy while we waited for Don to go find a treasure.  

Quinn and I are racing.  Can you believe that Quinn won this race?

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15 March 2012

Where is Quinn?

Quinn starts every night in his own bed but usually makes his way in to our bed by morning.  On Wednesday I got out of bed and he was there.  When I went in to wake him up for school, this is what I saw.

OK, so I know he is in there somewhere.  Let's take a peak.

He's in there.  Sometimes he likes to hide but this has the look of a sleeping boy and his...

...buddy!  I think he's awake now.

Actually he fell right back to sleep.

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14 March 2012

Stomp on It!

I found this box of Stomp Rockets in the basement the other day so we broke them out for a little outdoor fun on Monday.  We had a great time sending them up in to the air.

And in to the grass.

And we have to shake things up a little bit and shoot them off the porch to knock over the cones.  Just like his papa, he always has to think of a different way to use a toy.

And checking them out to see what's inside.

Just a great beginning to all the fun we're going to have this summer.

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13 March 2012

Little Learner

Quinn loves to do learning workbooks.  We recently purchased a new bunch of workbooks for him that are geared towards the kindergartener.   We try to spend a little bit of time every day doing a couple of exercises with him.

He's really good at, and enjoys, matching up like pictures or finding the picture that's different.  In this one he is matching up the two halves of these pictues.    

He doesn't really like tracing/writing letters or dot-to-dot numbers or alphabet.  But I always try to throw one in to the mix.  He's really good at matching the beginner letter of a word to a picture.  Like the letter G to a picture of goat.   He's definitely on the cusp of spelling and reading.

His favorite by far are mazes and he's really good at them.

Here are some of the books we picked up recently and they are really good with a nice variety of activities.  They were buy one get one free so bought a handful.

Even though we don't do any "formal" teaching at home we always try and bring a little bit of learning in to our day.   But there are lots of things that I just wouldn't think of.  The exercise on the left is put an X through all the fast animals and the one on the right is to put an X on all the cold items.  He breezed through this one without any help.

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