13 March 2012

Little Learner

Quinn loves to do learning workbooks.  We recently purchased a new bunch of workbooks for him that are geared towards the kindergartener.   We try to spend a little bit of time every day doing a couple of exercises with him.

He's really good at, and enjoys, matching up like pictures or finding the picture that's different.  In this one he is matching up the two halves of these pictues.    

He doesn't really like tracing/writing letters or dot-to-dot numbers or alphabet.  But I always try to throw one in to the mix.  He's really good at matching the beginner letter of a word to a picture.  Like the letter G to a picture of goat.   He's definitely on the cusp of spelling and reading.

His favorite by far are mazes and he's really good at them.

Here are some of the books we picked up recently and they are really good with a nice variety of activities.  They were buy one get one free so bought a handful.

Even though we don't do any "formal" teaching at home we always try and bring a little bit of learning in to our day.   But there are lots of things that I just wouldn't think of.  The exercise on the left is put an X through all the fast animals and the one on the right is to put an X on all the cold items.  He breezed through this one without any help.

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