16 March 2012

On Sunday Quinn had a birthday party for a school friend and I wanted to go to a local art show so Quinn and Don had a little guy time together.   My sweet husband took the boy and a camera to the birthday party at My Gym.

Fun in the ball pit!

When Quinn and I used to go to My Gym before he started school, he never wanted to sit in the big red circle or do any of the guided activities.  I would arrive at class 15 minutes late just to skip that part.  But Don said Quinn was really great at following instructions which is evident from these shots.

The boy can climb!


I love love this picture.  Don was very creative.

A friend at the party sent me this picture of Don chilling.

We all got home around 3 pm and decided to get some fresh air, go on a geocache hunt, and hit the playground.

A self portrait of me and the boy while we waited for Don to go find a treasure.  

Quinn and I are racing.  Can you believe that Quinn won this race?

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