21 March 2012

Quinn's Day

A typical day at the White household:

First thing, we wrap some sort of twine, yarn, rope, string around chairs, drawers etc.  In this case he was racing in and out of the banners.

Squirt guns on the counter.  Not sure I like where this is going.  Fortunately Marleny arrived minutes later.  Sorry Marly!

Captain Underpants!   Believe me when I tell you that the blue ball and stacked green tables factored in to the equation.

This is Quinn's new house.  Make sure you knock on the door before entering.

He loves to collect stuff in buckets.  In this case collecting letters off the fridge and building words (or not).

Finding a mirror and then taking silly pictures.

Strapping a rocket to his back so he can fly in to outer space.  

Let's end the evening with a bang!   No explanation necessary.   Oh, except I didn't get a picture of his colorful arms, belly, back, and legs.

Just another fine day with Mighty Quinn.

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