01 March 2012

Sleepy Transitions

We are still working on Quinn sleeping in his own bed.  Lately he has become pretty upset if Don takes him to bed.  "I want mama!!!!" But we're persevering.   What usually happens is one of us lies down with him until he falls asleep.  At that point, we're asleep too and make it back to the big bed an hour or so later.   Then an hour after that Q comes toddling in and jumps in bed with us.  It's been quite some time since he's slept a full night in his bed.  But, it's all good.  He's only 4 once.

Last night I took him to bed and crept back to the big bed around 2 am.  An hour later I shot up wide awake when I heard the gate at the top of the stairs being opened.  Sleepy boy was going the wrong way. It's funny how just a little sound can bring you from deep sleep to full attention.  

Here's our little sleepy boy this morning (in the big bed).   Those lips make my heart melt.

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