26 March 2012

Treasure Hunt

On Sunday we went on a family treasure hunt looking for Geocache.  We decided to go to Hacklebarney State Park which was a bit of a drive but well worth it.   Don scoped it out before we left and it was full of geocache treasures.

It's a great park because you feel like you're deep in the woods but the trails are mostly paved.

Don and Quinn off to find the first treasure.

Quinn's imagination these days just runs wild.  All sorts of made up characters, stories, etc.  This stick is his Robo Protector.  I was asked to pet it a couple of times!

A drink of water for the mighty Robo Protector.

I was disappointed that there weren't any flowering plants but these were pretty cool.


The park was full of lots of hidden surprises like this bench.

Can you see that Quinn's mouth is wide open?  He has this need to constantly be making noises.  It's quite lovely.

Someone's feet got tired and Don got a good workout.

Checking out the treasure.

This was a good one.  I thought Don was pretty brave to go crawling in there.

It was another great White family adventure and we added 3 geocaches to our tally.

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