08 April 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

A little park near our house has an annual easter egg hunt.  They break up the park in to sections and have the different age groups in different areas.  Quinn was really excited about taking his easter basket and going on the easter egg hunt.

Don and Quinn having a strategy session before the hunt begins.

Can you see the green egg right at Quinn's feet?  He's guaranteed one egg!

He bypasses eggs and stops for candy.

Holy Cow!  Look at all the kids.  This mele only lasted about 15 seconds.

Look at Quinn's haul for the day.  Our sweet boy just wasn't aggressive as alot of the other kids (ages 4-5) but at least he got one green egg and some candy.  I think this was his first easter egg hunt where he wasn't the only child looking for eggs.  But he had fun.

And just because, here's our blue eyed blondie.

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