10 April 2012

Our Week with Grams

Quinn and I travelled south to Maryland for his Spring Break week to spend some time with Grams and Pam and family.  On Monday night Pam, Jeff and Ben came over for dinner.  Quinn loves his "brothers" Ben and Alex.  Ben and Quinn had a good game of hide and go seek around the house.   Quinn keeps telling me that he wants a wheelchair for Christmas just like Ben's.  I guess he sees how happy Ben is in his that Quinn thinks it's a pretty great thing.

Grams found Quinn a new bike at the Thrift Store that's more his size.  We took it out for many test rides over the week.   He also got a new helmet a month or so ago because his head is so HUGE.  

I woke up on Tuesday morning to a pant-less little boy sleeping next to me.  When he woke up he put them on (inside out) and I asked him what happened.  He said that the bed took them off.  Hmmm??

I am still in the middle of my photography class and doing lots of practicing.  This was a bit of a botched shot, but I still kind of love it.  I was lying on the ground with the camera next to my head and Quinn and I were playing airplane.

We were very excited about going in to DC on Thursday.  We were taking the Metro in to visit the Air and Space Museum.  Unfortunately our plans were derailed by a little boy who woke up at 3:30 am and wouldn't fall back to sleep.  Needless to say both mama and baby needed a little nap.  Before I woke him up I got these shots.  They may be some of my latest favorites.  I just love the cool and peaceful blue and white tones.

Someone wasn't quite ready to wake up after a good 2 hour nap.

All of these shots were taken with specific composition visions in mind.  Needless to say that they didn't all work out but it was a week of creativity.  And even better to spend it with Grams <3

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