10 April 2012

Photography Class: Week 2

I got so many positive comments from my post about Week 1 of photography class that I decided to continue with Week 2.  Week 2 was very difficult and threw most of us for a loop.  I think that was the whole purpose.  Get us out of our comfort zone  so that we shoot differently and with purpose.   We learned another way of composing photos using Golden Triangles (GT)  and Golden Spirals (GS).  I won't bore you with the details but lets just say I'm a Golden Triangles Girl.  I see the world in Golden Triangles.  It was a week of struggles but I was able to get this shot that I submitted for critique.

 sweet toes

And here is the critique:

You nailed it, my friend!! And I love hearing you say "the blue and whites are just my cup of tea." My gut would have been to convert, but that is so ME - and I love hearing your confidence and conscious preference for the color ... because this is your art.  And really, it is such a peaceful and relaxing color, which of course plays beautifully into the image and the boyishness here. 

So, your GT - WONDERFUL. I love seeing this and knowing that you visualized it for the assignment - clearly no set up here ... and as we train our eyes to start seeing these things in natural circumstances, it just begins to come more and more easily. You've used the main and lower secondary well and nailed your sweet spots. Truly - I'm very impressed.

You made an interesting focal point choice - on the feet instead of the face - and it paid off. It creates a little bit of anonymity, and there's a sweet little quirkiness in his little toes ... I love how much personality we can see there. All cuddled up, too - I want to go place a blanket on him and lift his little head onto the pillow - reminds me of the way my boys sleep, actually ... this really brings out an emotional reaction in me.

Creative, moving work.

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