28 April 2012

Photography Class: Week 4

I finished up my final week of photography class although the virtual classroom will be left open for a couple more weeks so that we can decompress.   As of right now, there are 10,062 posts in the classroom!  Don didn't this we would break the previous record from the last class of 10,000.  This is from 30 students, teacher, and assistants.  It was a pretty active and involved group of students.  This class has changed how I shoot and I will never look at photography the same way again.

This week we used all that we've learned in the past 3 weeks and added some new compositional elements to our toolkit.  Our goal this week was to look through past photographs and find images that meet the compositional criteria and edit them in a new light, getting rid of distractions etc.    Looking back through my photographs was a little depressing because now I see all the faults.  It was a tough pill to swallow and a hard week to get through.

Here are my images from the week.  sooc = straight out of camera (no edits)

cr reflection sooc

My edit.  The hardest part was 'stretching' the canvas to create more negative space on the left side.

cr reflection edit

Bowling sooc:

bowling sooc

Bowling After:

bowling after

Chelsea sooc:

chelsea chair sooc

Chelsea After:

chelsea chair color

I was starting to run out of "good" images to edit and another student posted something about Barcelona and I remembered this image.  This is a good example of having "framed" the image and leading your eye from left to right up the path.  The arrow doesn't hurt.

door sooc

door bw

I was pretty much "done" with all my previous images and was hitting a real creative block.  Quinn and I were having fun blowing up water balloons on the front porch and this shot came to mind.  I think it reflects my sad feelings about the day and my happy go lucky 4 year old.   This was my submission for critique.


walking out sooc

my submitted image:

walking out

The instructors critique which just made my day.  This kind of image really isn't my normal style but I'm happy that I was able to create an image with some real depth and meaning.

Amy, this is heartwarming and heartbreaking all at once. It's a beautiful, incredibly emotional image. The handholding and the way he's looking up at you ... oh, it just makes me heart want to burst!! Description: http://www.clickinmoms.com/forums/images/smilies/heartpump.gif Once I get past the immediate emotional connection between the two of you here, the most interesting part of the image is the stance of each of you. He's holding onto your hand, and he's looking at you with adoration and trust and a clear need to have the physical connection ... but look at the feet. You are grounded. You don't even appear to be moving forward -- perhaps it's a cautious stance, perhaps it is that everything is a bit more deliberate. But look at his feet -- one foot up, ready to go ... it's almost like he's guiding you out. He's not bouncing out the door, pulling you along -- there's still a gentleness in his stance, but he's gently prodding you forward, too. It also brings in the reflections/shadows ... there's the break between the child and his -- yours is completely continuous. I am guess since this is a SP that that positioning and snapping at that exact moment wasn't deliberate, but oh what a story you captured. Description: http://www.clickinmoms.com/forums/images/smilies/heartpump.gif

I like your crop because of the simplification of it -- and standing alone, I wouldn't have any reason to ask for more ... but the pullback is still very clean and nicely composed ... and (now that I've seen it) I actually prefer the complexity of that ... the various paths here. We don't really know where you and your son are headed because of the blown out door (which was a good choice, though I wish it was about 1/3 stop more deeply exposed just to preserve his face a little more), but in your pullback, there is a trio of doors, two closed, one open ... lots of metaphors to be found in that ... plus four directions from which the subjects may have come ... left, right, behind the camera, down the stairs ... and there's an uncertainty as to whether they've been journeying together completely or whether they converged at the door and opted to go it together from there (a scenario which I quite like). The composition is strong, and the scan paths are not so very different (for me, in your final -- lead in to door, child, hands up to you, down to the reflections, back to the child, and cyclical from there; in your SOOC -- come in at the banister, up along the reflections, door, child, hands, you, and back around ... but once we make that first scan, there's a lot more to explore -- none of it distracting). All you'd need to do is convert and clone out a light switch and an outlet cover (btw, my edit was a simple conversion as a point of reference -- yours is much more polished .... I love that you deepened those shadowy reflections): 

And my final image based on her critique.

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