22 April 2012

We Love Chelsea!

A year or so ago Barbara sent me an article on the Chelsea High Line and I was instantly intrigued.  A group of activists convinced NYC to allow them to take a set of abandoned elevated railroad tracks and turn it in to a nature conservation.   The high line is a beautiful natural spot above the busy city below.  It was pretty crowded on Saturday but still a really beautiful spot.

A view of the city below.

Here we go on our adventure.

This company always has thought provoking or funny ads and they seem to change them pretty frequently.

All of the plants are native to the NY area.  Lots of things flowering this time of year.

And a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty way off in the background.

There are lots of places to stop and just sit in the sun and they are all really well thought out.  In one spot they have wooden lounge chairs on wheels that roll along the original train tracks.  Here's a spot to sit and watch the traffic go by.  Or for the traffic to watch you sitting.   (Behind the glass there is stadium style seating.)

A selfie.

The Chelsea Market is a converted Nabisco plant that was turned in to shopping and offices.  This is where the Food Network  is located.  The shops are all full of great little finds.    I'm still in my photography class and I took these two as part of last week's lesson.  More to come on that later.

We've had a handful of dud days in NYC but this was not one of them.  One of our favorite days in the city.  We ended our day with sushi in Westfield.  Quinn had been asking for sushi all day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  That boy loves his sushi!!

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