28 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't have alot planned for Memorial Day Weekend other than sleeping in and enjoying some quality family time.   On Saturday we headed to Monmouth Park for the horse races.  They were hosting a Family Fun Day and a Food Truck competition.  The two go together, don't they?  This was our first time at the NJ races.

A Kona Ice for Quinn while Don went off to stand in the very long line for some lunch.

Our Food Truck of choice was the dumpling truck.  I shot this picture with my iphone and gave it a little zazz.

We had promised Quinn that he could ride the horses and he was thrilled to hop on this pony!

Go #6!  #6 didn't win this one but Don had some luck on the last race of the day.

Our memorial day looked alot like this.  Sitting in the backyard with bubbles and water.  

I got a couple of things planted in pots and the Hibiscus Tree is blooming like crazy.

This is what I get when I ask Q to look at me and smile.  But gotta love those blue eyes.

Q insisted that he take off his shirt and shoes so he could be just like papa.  Then it was time to give Thomas a bath.

Quinn and Don had alot of bonding time this weekend which I very much appreciated.  The end of our weekend looked a little bit like this.

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24 May 2012

Water Balloons

I'm not really in to devices that make simple tasks more elaborate.  But one thing I have a hard time with is water balloons.  Hard to fill and hard to tie.  So last year I got a thing-y that makes it easy to fill water balloons but I was never able to get them tied.  So today I got this little device that makes tying the balloons easy.  These are two gadgets that will be getting alot of use this summer.

This is how our afternoon went.

Oh, the faces!

I stole this idea from Don and Quinn loves it!

Quinn's favorite pastime this summer.

Out of focus, but my boy running to give me a hug.

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20 May 2012


On Saturday we had some errands to run and some things to do around the house.  Once we were done, Don pulled out the Slip-n-Slide for some fun.  We've had it for a while but this was our first time using it and it was a great success.

Don giving Quinn a toss down the slide.

Don showing how it's done.

Quinn taking another go at it.

I think we will be seeing alot of the Slip-n-Slide this summer!

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Sundance at Bowcraft

The Sundance Parents Association sponsors a day at a local amusement park, Bowcraft, every year for all of the students and families.   We had the park to ourselves and it was a good thing because they were expecting 500 people!  We saw lots of Quinn's classmates and the kids had so much fun riding the rides together.

We started off slow with the spinning balloons and boat ride.

I love this little girl.  She's one tough little chic but can also be the girliest girl too.  She encouraged the boys to ride the Drop Zone.  I wasn't so sure this was a good idea but the kids were so enthusiastic about it.

Heart attack!  What are their faces going to look like when they drop?

They were so happy and couldn't get enough of this ride.  I think they might have gone on this ride 5+ times.

On to something more gentle.

And something for the mamas to sit and get some shade.

I know I've commented on this before, but Quinn has such an amazing class and the kids get along so well.  They have so much fun together.  And Friday was no exception.

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18 May 2012

Evidence of a Good Day...

...is written all over his face.

Gymnastics, lunch with friends, haircut, playground and running in to classmates, ice cream, running in to  more class mates and sharing fresh picked strawberries, two new pairs of crocs, dinner, popcorn, story time with papa.  Yes, a good day.

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14 May 2012


Wow, what a great weekend on Long Beach Island.  Don was able to leave work at 4 pm on Friday, which was a real treat for all of us.   We had just decided to go and I think I made the reservations on Thursday.  We picked a place on the beach and close to the little town.  It ended up being a perfect location.  And even though all the ocean front rooms were already booked, we were pretty pleased with our outdoor space and our view.  

Ready to hit the beach.

I have two favorite photos from the weekend and this is one of my favorites.  Maybe it's my memory of the early evening sun low in the sky and all the shells on the beach casting long shadows.  This photo takes me right back to the beach.

And my other favorite image from the weekend.

It was great getting down to LBI on Friday night and having the full day on the beach/island.    All Quinn wanted to do was dig.  Bigger, deeper, bigger, deeper.  He has lots of fun being buried in the sand over and over and over again.  


The hotel has a beachside bar/restaurant which was convenient for lunches in wet, sandy bathing suits.

Quinn making friends.

This pool was FREEZING!  They will start heating it next weekend but that didn't deter our Mighty Quinn.   I didn't bring a bathing suit so Don was on lifeguard duty.  Quinn wanted to go in again on Sunday but the air temp was much cooler and he wasn't quite as brave.

We were able to park our car on Friday night and walk everywhere we needed to go.  We had hoped to catch the rides/arcade but it doesn't open until next week.  Instead we had some fun with miniature golf before dinner.    Quinn loved to whack the ball!

We got to bed early on Saturday night so we could enjoy some beach time on Sunday.  It was a little cooler but we still dug lots of holes.  Quinn had a busy morning playing and chasing waves.  We wrapped him up in a dry towel and he cuddled up on me for a little late morning nap.  We had a late lunch and then hit the road.

I think this weekend may qualify as one of my favorites in NJ.  It was everything we wanted and needed and hope to make it back to LBI soon.

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