28 May 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We didn't have alot planned for Memorial Day Weekend other than sleeping in and enjoying some quality family time.   On Saturday we headed to Monmouth Park for the horse races.  They were hosting a Family Fun Day and a Food Truck competition.  The two go together, don't they?  This was our first time at the NJ races.

A Kona Ice for Quinn while Don went off to stand in the very long line for some lunch.

Our Food Truck of choice was the dumpling truck.  I shot this picture with my iphone and gave it a little zazz.

We had promised Quinn that he could ride the horses and he was thrilled to hop on this pony!

Go #6!  #6 didn't win this one but Don had some luck on the last race of the day.

Our memorial day looked alot like this.  Sitting in the backyard with bubbles and water.  

I got a couple of things planted in pots and the Hibiscus Tree is blooming like crazy.

This is what I get when I ask Q to look at me and smile.  But gotta love those blue eyes.

Q insisted that he take off his shirt and shoes so he could be just like papa.  Then it was time to give Thomas a bath.

Quinn and Don had alot of bonding time this weekend which I very much appreciated.  The end of our weekend looked a little bit like this.

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