20 May 2012

Sundance at Bowcraft

The Sundance Parents Association sponsors a day at a local amusement park, Bowcraft, every year for all of the students and families.   We had the park to ourselves and it was a good thing because they were expecting 500 people!  We saw lots of Quinn's classmates and the kids had so much fun riding the rides together.

We started off slow with the spinning balloons and boat ride.

I love this little girl.  She's one tough little chic but can also be the girliest girl too.  She encouraged the boys to ride the Drop Zone.  I wasn't so sure this was a good idea but the kids were so enthusiastic about it.

Heart attack!  What are their faces going to look like when they drop?

They were so happy and couldn't get enough of this ride.  I think they might have gone on this ride 5+ times.

On to something more gentle.

And something for the mamas to sit and get some shade.

I know I've commented on this before, but Quinn has such an amazing class and the kids get along so well.  They have so much fun together.  And Friday was no exception.

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