04 May 2012

Sundance Performance

Quinn had his Spring Performance at Sundance on Wednesday night.   His class performed the classic "Are You My Mother?" with some new twists.    Three classes performed that night and they started off the show singing some songs together.

Quinn's class is grouped together on the first two rows on the left....from Quinn on the end to the little girl with the black dress, pink bow, and white boa and the boy in the red behind her.   One of Quinn's favorite new playmates is the little girl with the blue dress and white boa.   I think they are the two tallest in the class (she may even be taller (and younger) than Q!).

Quinn did a little bit of singing, but the show was really carried by the girls in the classes.   We had a moment of panic when Q lifted up his shirt and we thought he was going to whip down his pants to go find the bathroom.  Nope, he was just looking for his belly button :)

If you don't know the story of "Are You My Mother?", the mother bird leaves the nest before the little bird is born and little bird walks around asking everyone/thing "are you my mother?".  In this story, the little birds asked the three firemen "are you my mother?" and then the firemen broke in to a performance of "Great Balls of Fire" including some mean air guitar and air piano riffs.

The little boy in the middle is pretty shy and serious.  But Miss Bess tells us that he and Quinn like to be silly together and make each other laugh.

And mother bird (Miss Bess) returns to the nest.

And they all dance to Rockin' Robin.

Final bow.

After their skit the class went back to the Gym Room and watched a video while the other classes performed.  At that point Quinn noticed that another little boy, Z,  had "his" shirt on and proceeded in a Class A melt down.  It turns out that Quinn and Z have the same shirt and Z happened to wear his that night.  Q thought that Z took his shirt and wanted it back.    Q sat with Don and watched and enjoyed the rest of the performance.   All was good.

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