29 June 2012

He's Going Backwards

Quinn started the summer session of gymnastics and it's the 4 year old age group with some new skills and tricks.    They were working on the balance beam, walking forward and then backwards.  Not sure if you can tell there is an 'extender' on the balance beam to make it wider.

Mr. Q wasn't using his listening skills in gymnastics and had to be talked to a couple of times by Jorge. I think he was just so excited to be back.  Regardless, he only got one stamp this week which should be enough incentive for good listening next week.

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27 June 2012

Images from Rehoboth Beach

We had a great week in Rehoboth Beach with lots of sleeping in, family time, beach time, pool time, carnival time, lazy time and just all around good times with mom, Pam, and Ben.

When we arrived on Sunday afternoon we headed straight for the beach.

I love the early evenings on the beach.  The beach is empty and the light is beautiful.

Every kids favorite pastime on the beach...chase the birds!!

My Q-tee!

Setting up camp with Aunt Pammie.

Do you see all three of us in the one?

The iphone turns us a nice shade of Snooki orange.

Oh, the many sandy faces of Q.  

And how did he get all that sand all over him?  Self inflicted.

Mom was kind enough to watch the boys so Pam and I could get our oyster shooters.   Cocktail sauce and an oyster topped with beer.   Boy were they good!  

The beach wouldn't be the beach without hitting Funland for rides and games.  

I think Quinn's favorite place at the beach was the rooftop pool.

Love, love this picture of Ben.

A view down the beach from the roof top.  

Mom, Pam, and I got some steamed crabs to have at the condo.  Here's the aftermath.

And a great finish to a great week!

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Happy Birthday Mom! (part 2)

Mom didn't want a party for her birthday but we still wanted her family and friends to be able to shower her with their love.   She has made so many friends over the years and is so good about keeping in touch with friends she met 60+ years ago along with new friends she's made recently.    Pam & I hatched a plan to get all her family and friends to send a birthday message that we could put together for her.  Putting together this birthday book just emphasized what a wonderful person and friend she is to others.   The notes and pictures we/she received were so beautifully overwhelming.

We sent everyone this card.

Then we started putting this book together with all the birthday messages and pictures.   This is the final product.

I loved that we got pictures from 100 years ago and also recent pictures.  Messages were in all shapes and sizes which made the book just that much more unique and special.

On the right is Mom's local BFF.  How lucky they were to live across the street from each other for 30 years.  They still volunteer together once a week and are constantly making trouble together ;-)

The page on the right is from mom's best friend of 60 years.  They met in nursing school and travelled the world together.  From Florida to Alaska to Guam these two world travelers sought out adventure where ever they went. They still travel the world together but now in the form of elder trips.

Mom always loved my dad's family in Canada and is still close to them today.  These pages are messages and pictures from my dad's cousins.   So many laughs and good times!

On the right is mom's newest group of friends "The Merry Widows".  It looks like they are out for Happy Hour, again.


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26 June 2012

Happy Birthday Mom! (part 1)

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!!  

This post is a little bit late but  Quinn and I were fortunate enough to celebrate mom's special birthday with her at Rehoboth Beach with Pam and Ben.    I'm so glad that this beautiful, kind, caring, funny, loving lady is my mom.   I adore you mom!

And the motley crew after the birthday dinner.  On our way back to the condo for the festivities.  

The world is a better place Mom because of you!  

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Scenes from Monday

We are very much enjoying our summer vacation with lazy mornings watching tv in bed and hanging around the house.  We were away last week and again next week so we are having a laid back week at home this week.

Doesn't everyone use a pillow case to keep themselves warm?  Quinn likes to be cozy.

How many things are wrong with this picture?  Zero. He's a 4 year old boy.  

We were working on drawing and writing.  His last touch was to add my 'tummy'.  Thank you Quinn ;-)

He wanted to take a picture with "his" camera.

Just another fun Monday around the house.

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16 June 2012

Pre-Father's Day Celebration

Quinn and I got Don lots of little gifts for Father's Day this year and Q has been very eager for Don to open them.  He opened one on Wednesday and opened two more last night.   Quinn was so excited that he told Don what was in the still-to-open gifts too.   Quinn is one lucky boy to have such a great dad.

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