27 June 2012

Images from Rehoboth Beach

We had a great week in Rehoboth Beach with lots of sleeping in, family time, beach time, pool time, carnival time, lazy time and just all around good times with mom, Pam, and Ben.

When we arrived on Sunday afternoon we headed straight for the beach.

I love the early evenings on the beach.  The beach is empty and the light is beautiful.

Every kids favorite pastime on the beach...chase the birds!!

My Q-tee!

Setting up camp with Aunt Pammie.

Do you see all three of us in the one?

The iphone turns us a nice shade of Snooki orange.

Oh, the many sandy faces of Q.  

And how did he get all that sand all over him?  Self inflicted.

Mom was kind enough to watch the boys so Pam and I could get our oyster shooters.   Cocktail sauce and an oyster topped with beer.   Boy were they good!  

The beach wouldn't be the beach without hitting Funland for rides and games.  

I think Quinn's favorite place at the beach was the rooftop pool.

Love, love this picture of Ben.

A view down the beach from the roof top.  

Mom, Pam, and I got some steamed crabs to have at the condo.  Here's the aftermath.

And a great finish to a great week!

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