14 June 2012

Our Thursday

Today Quinn finished up the Spring session of gymnastics.  We're going to miss next week so he got his trophy today.  Here he is with his teacher Jorge.

Look at that sweaty little head.  All the kids love Jorge.  He's silly and funny and goofs around with them.  What I love is that he keeps them in line.  Today Quinn and one of the twins were waiting to go on the zip line and were taking turns pulling each other pants down.  OK, it was very funny but not really appropriate.   All the moms were laughing.  But Jorge gave them a good talking to and got on with the class.

After gymnastics we went to a new playground that is fantastic.    Do you see Quinn at the top of this rope web?  The boy has no fear and loves to go vertical.

Let's just say he spent alot of time up there.  The twins are making their way up in the bottom right corner.

Here's another view of the playground.  There is a sprayground right in the middle of the action.  Something for everyone.

I think we may be here quite a bit this summer.

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