09 June 2012

A School Year to Remember

Remember this little boy from September?   This is his first day of school.   Little did we know what a wonderful year it would be.  There were so many new friends and adventures in our future.  

He wasn't quite as happy to get his picture taken on the last day of school.

I dressed him up a little.  Look at that cuteness!

Going in to school.

This is at the end of their morning at school.  I peaked through the window to get this picture.  All the kids gatherered around Miss Bess and Miss Emily (in the blue shirt).  Their science/art teach Mrs. A. is on the right in the white shirt.  She is the daughter of Granny who teaches the cooking classes!   

This is what I see at pick-up time.  A blur running towards me for a jump and then a hug.   I have to brace myself or he would knock me over {luv, luv}.  

Miss Bess and Miss Laurie.  The teachers at Sundance are always smiling, really.

The kids took turn with my camera taking pictures of each other.  I think this one might be my favorite of the twins little sister.  Those chubby arms and legs!

Quinn's favorite hiding place.  This is where he goes while I'm chatting with the other moms.  

These two sweethearts are the only two kids that were in Q's class last year and this year.

After school we had a last day party with the two girls above.   We are all going different directions next year so this was their last day together in school :(

Brother and sister.  These two are overflowing with personality.  Love them!

And the three little munchkins.  What I love about this trio is that they are always so nice and kind to each other.  They must have played together for 2 hours and we never heard one cry or one kid complain that so and so did something.   They just played happily together.

Going forward, I think that all school experiences will be held up to this one.  Miss Bess has such a calm and warm demeanor.  You get the sense that nothing could rattle her.  The kids LOVE her but also know that she is the boss.  And the kids.  They were just so wonderful together.  So kind and sweet with one another.  This is a school year to remember.

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