23 July 2012

Dinner Guests

We had dinner guests last night and these two little boys were full of mischief.  The dads decided to leave the shirts off for dinner after an epic water fight.  Fun was had by all and we're all dragging today.

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16 July 2012

CR Video

Let's try this again.

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15 July 2012

Video from CR

Here is a video from our trip to CR with all the guys catching some waves and me getting rolled over by a couple.  Sorry my video editing skills aren't better.

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Our Week in Costa Rica

We spent another glorious week in Costa Rica, this time with Barbara and Brad.  It was a celebration of Brad's 40th birthday and Barbara's 39th-ish birthday.  It was great to be able to spend some time with both of them while we relaxed on the beach, surfed, and enjoyed all that Costa Rica has to offer.    I took over 500 pictures so this is just a sampling but there are lots and lots of images.

Barbara flew to NJ on Friday night and we took a direct flight from Newark early Saturday morning.  On our way from the San Jose airport and Playa Hermosa our driver stopped at "Crocodile Bridge".  Indeed there were lots of crocodiles.  We also got some fresh coconut water.

Some scenes from our day.  The guys had so much fun surfing.  Brad bought some boards as he will be spending a couple of months in CR.   We also found a little boogie board for Quinn in our bungalow.  Quinn could not love the surf and the waves more.  He took them head on and would get tumbled and thrown but he was right up for  the next challenge.

We stayed in Playa Hermosa which is about 5 miles south of Jaco Beach where we stayed last time.  We found the waves and the surf to be a little much at Hermosa so we spent our days on Jaco.  Just the right speed for our surfers and boogey boarder.  The difference in the high tide and low tide were amazing.   In the first photo you can see the high tide coming right up to the cars that are parked.   The second image is low tide with a beach a mile wide.

The surfing brothers.  Brad taught Don the tradition of turning and bowing to the Polynesian gods.

Love this shot of the guys catching a wave together!

We were so happy to see the icee guy!  He scrapes up the ice, adds some dry milk powder, a nice dose of fruit syrup, and then smothers it in sweetened condensed milk.   So deliciously sweet and yummy!

The sunsets on the black beach were just magnificent!  I love reflections of the sand and I wasn't disappointed.  There was also a full moon on Monday.  The bottom image is a look one way down the beach to the sunset and the other way to the moon.

Quinn was pretty delighted when two vans pulled up to the beach and 6 little boys hopped out!  It was threatening to rain all day but it didn't.

Brad talked Barbara in to taking a ride on the long board and she was game.  On her first wave she didn't even get her hair wet it was so flawless.  Let's just say the second ride didn't go as well but she was quite a trooper and shook it off.

I couldn't get enough of the sunsets.

Unfortunately Don and I did not get a good week of sleep.  Although Quinn loved the idea of sleeping on the bunk beds in the other room, he ended up in our bed every night.

Here's a peak from the beach to our bungalows.  We stayed in the blue/white one right behind the purple trimmed one.

A view to the ocean from our hammock.  

I got some great pictures of Barbara/Mae to commemorate her birthday and she's looking pretty darned good!

Here's our crew getting ready for a day on the beach.  

And this little monkey!  There is something about the brown sand that really appeals to him.  I think it's like a great big mud puddle.  He was constantly covered in sand.  I bet he still has some in his ears.

Thank you Clickin Moms for teaching me how to take a sunset silhouette image as these are now some of my favorites.    It looks like someone lost a leg!

Our last dinner out before heading home on Saturday.  This is our favorite restaurant, Bubba's Bohio which had great fish tacos and jenga for Brad and the boy.

A glimpse of San Jose out the airport window.

Adios Costa Rica!

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03 July 2012

CR Sunset

Scenes from Costa Rica