28 August 2012

Our Monday

This was Quinn most of the day on Monday.  A day for him to chill with no where to go.  He was pretty content to do this while I cooked a meal for friends and got the house in order after the weekend.  I was on my feet all day and was pretty tired by the end of the day.  But not our little one.  As you might expect he didn't burn much energy so he kept his mama awake until midnight.  Yawn!!!

27 August 2012

His First Dive

I know I've said this before but Quinn is improving his swimming skills in leaps and bounds this summer.  And all it takes is a couple of hours having fun at the pool.

In the past Quinn has jumped off a neighbor's diving board to an adult in the water or alone with a noodle.  Don was convinced that Quinn could jump off the board at the Westfield Pool and swim to the side on his own.  And Quinn was more than ready to give it a shot.   The lifeguard gives the go ahead to each diver to go so you will see Q and Don looking for the 'go' signal.  And did you notice that Quinn didn't even hesitate to jump off the higher board.   Two thumbs up!  The video starts with a little game that Don and Quinn were playing in the pool -- capture and escape.

(direct link to you tube to see the video in a larger size http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOJ_g6_Y6S0)

We are so proud of our little guy!!

26 August 2012

A Much Needed Facelift

It was about time to give the blog a facelift.  I did indeed love it at one time but am ready for a new cleaner look.  The new format also gives me more flexibility in making changes to the look going forward.  So good bye circles and stripes and hello clean and minimal.

The new blog is still work in progress so you may come across some pages/buttons that don't quite work yet.  One fun new addition is that the new URL is www.donamyquinn.com   A web address that you are not likely to forget.  The old URL (themightyquinnw.blogspot.com) will still point you in the right direction too.  I also changed the title from The Mighty Quinn to The White House to include the whole family, although TMQ will always be the star attraction.

Another cool addition is my new favicon.  What's a favicon?  It's the cute little image of the camera next to the blog name in your top tool bar (or whatever that's called).

You may notice there is also a Facebook comments section.  Honestly, I'm not sure how or if it works. I may have to give it a test.

This has been a fun project for me the last couple of days and I really like the way it turned out.  I hope you do too.

24 August 2012

Going Down

I'm going to give the blog a huge facelift over the weekend so it will be down all weekend.  Hopefully I'll have a new post and a new blog by Sunday evening.

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21 August 2012

The Guys

After a week being away from home, Quinn just wanted to surround himself with his toys and his papa all weekend.  He definitely missed his dad and was his little shadow most of the weekend.

Quinn and I had gone through a bunch of his baby toys and found a handful of good ones to sell.  In return, he would get a new hot wheels wall track set.   Most of Saturday was spent putting together the set and getting it on the wall.  Quinn was pretty excited.  Here are the guys taking a break from working.  Yes, Q's there too under his favorite green blanket.

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A Week with Grams

Quinn and I drove to Maryland to spend a week with Grams before the new school year starts.  He's always excited to see his Grams.  After a quick hug, it's a hunt for all his favorite toys.  These cardboard blocks have been around probably since Alex? and Quinn loves building and knocking down.  Here he is going for the domino effect. 

We can't go to Maryland during the summer without going to mom's BFF Sandy's house for a swim in the pool and a crab feast.  As we were getting the crabs, Quinn said he doesn't like sea food.  He only likes above-the-sea food.   And crabs are animals and we're nice to animals.  No crabs for Quinn, our good little veggie boy.

Quinn was very excited to see his cousin Alex who entertained him while the ladies chowed down on crabs.   It's a tough life for a four year old!

We also took in the Montgomery County 4H fair.  It was a fun day full of jugglers, rides, animals, games, and junk food.

Before we went home, I wanted to get a picture of Quinn and his grams.  We started with 2 thumbs up.

But it quickly deteriorated.

And a perfect end to our week.

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12 August 2012

The Return of the McGee's

A week ago Friday Stacey and I had a phone conversation after not having spoken to each other in a while. A couple of minutes after we hung up, Stacey texted me that Sullivan was pushing for a last minute trip to NJ before school starts.  Our schedule was free, so please come!!!   They arrived on Wednesday.

In preparation, Quinn and I baked some cookies.  Quinn always asks for the beater so that he can "lick it like a popsicle".

After a pre-dinner trip to the pool, Sullivan and Quinn settled in to the couch and did what they do best.

On Thursday we went to Hoboken for a picnic lunch and a walk around town.  It was h-o-t!

Sullivan's dad is very protective of his little girl.  He doesn't like her to be in situations where she may get hurt.  So Stacey and Sullivan thought it would be funny to send him pictures of Sullivan in precarious situations.  Uh oh, Sullivan is about to fall in to the Hudson River.  

Dueling iphones.

Friday was a rainy day so we spent our day at the Liberty Science Center.  From the moment we walked in the door, Quinn wanted to go to the room with all the balls.   There is a play/science area for kids under the age of 5 and Quinn loves that room.    It actually worked out well because it gave the gals time to experience the museum at their own pace.

A little bit of fun with my fish-eye lens.  This snake seemed very intrigued by my phone.

I had one of those 'the things that kids will say' moment when Quinn and I took a potty break at the museum.  We were both in a handicapped stall and the bathroom was pretty small and pretty crowded.  Quinn started interrogating me....Mama, what happened to your penis? Did someone cut off your penis?  Where is your penis? Can I look?   Girls don't have penises?  I received some knowing smiles from the other moms in the bathroom that listened in on our conversation.

As you can tell, most of my images lately have been crappy iphone photos.  I just haven't been moved to pick up my dslr lately.  But I did capture this glowing image one night during their visit.

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06 August 2012

Our First Game

We took Quinn to his first semi-pro baseball game on Sunday to see the New Jersey Jackals take on the Newark Bears.  It was Family Day at the park so there were lots of kids.  The favorite activity was chasing down the foul balls.  We started in the left field bleachers but it was so hot that we moved around a bit ending up in the "kid zone" hill on the right.  Quinn's favorite part of the day...cotton candy.

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05 August 2012

Our Little Gold Medalist

Our little man is improving his swimming skills in leaps and bounds this summer.  We've been watching alot of olympics on TV and I think he's been taking notes.  I took him to the pool Friday afternoon and out of the blue he started doing the butterfly.  I knew I had to take my camera to the pool on Saturday for our family swim.  Here you go.

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03 August 2012

This Week

Quinn's class from this past year gets together for some fun once a week.  We meet on different days and at different places.  Not everyone attends but it's great to stay in touch with his classmates.  This week we met at a bouncy house on Wednesday.

Thursday is our regular gymnastics day.  The twins little sister also does gymnastics with their nanny while the boys are doing their thing.

Our little monkey can now get all the way across the monkey bars!

After gymnastics and lunch, Quinn and I went to the Westfield library to hang out for a while.  Can you imagine that Quinn is reading a book with the kids computers right there?  Well, he went back and forth between the books and the computer.  He's not crazy about having to return the book about monster trucks.  

Thursday pm self portrait.  

On Friday we met Danielle and Kaiden for lunch in downtown Westfield.  Q really loves K-K and was holding his hand so he wouldn't run away.  Kaiden's older brother Lucas was in camp so it was a peaceful meal :)  Kaiden gets alot of Quinn's hand-me-downs and it's fun to see him wearing Quinn's old clothes.  

Our afternoon was topped off with "The Works" ice cream from The Chocolate Box.

Blogging now and off to swim lessons in a little bit.  It's been a great week!!

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01 August 2012

Our Summer

I know I haven't blogged in quite some time.  Last week I took the week off from taking pictures and just decided to skip a week in my Project Life book.  Quinn and I were just having too much fun doing our summer stuff.  You know, like making Mickey Mouse pancakes for lunch and hanging out in our pajamas all day.  I feel no shame in saying this picture was taken at 1 pm.  This day he changed out of those pj's in to a fresh pair before bed.  I do have some standards!

Also this summer Marleny has been bringing her nephew Anthony with her when she watches Quinn.  The two boy have so much fun together.  Yesterday when Anthony arrived he came running up the stairs looking for Quinn.  Q ran to give him a hug and said "Hi Anthony!  I missed my brother so much!".

But at the end of the day, Quinn is ready for some quiet time by himself.  He will keep saying "adios, adios, time to go home".   Although Anthony's english is pretty good, Marly says that Quinn speaks quite a bit of spanish with her.  

Otherwise, Don and I having some late nights doing alot of this.


We are really enjoying the olympics and staying up late to catch everything.  Yawn!!!

Happy Summer!

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